Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Two more days left. We are trying to eat up all the food, but that is difficult as the kids picked a bunch of plums yesterday and today. 
Z was singing along with the bedtime story song on th iPad at the pool. I don't understand why, but I think he thought it was cool. 

S finished up swimming with daddy. 

We headed to the orchards - the plums were ripe enough for eating!

The bounty. 

See the juice dripping off her chin? S liked to take a couple bites of one; chuck it into the field; and then pick another. 


S, pointing to the fruit laden boughs. 

S sang with z. 

This morning, at 6:49am, before I went out for a run. It was actually cool and breezy this morning. 

S, still asleep before 8, on MY side of the bed! I guess she came into the room at 1am (I was sleeping in her old room downstairs because it was cooler), and was scared for one reason or another, so j had her sleep there. 

J & Z on the trampoline. 


Z playing the violin. 

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