Saturday, July 04, 2015

Borgogne winery

After touring the castle and getting some gelato/refreshments, we drove over to Barolo and walked through the heat to the Borgogne winery. The winery tour was first. There was another couple on the tour with a 6 yr old girl. They were from Brazil, and she was very well behaved. 

S looks in the cement fermenter. Z is not impressed and really just wants to sit down and play games on the phone, as he has been promised.  

Z in front of an awful lot of dusty bottles. 

More dusty and dirty bottles. The winery lets the wine sit in the bottles, and the dust and dirt is a good thing because it protects the wine. Before releasing riserva wine, they store good vintages for 50 years. They store it in one bottle; check each bottle individually, and then transfer it to a completely new bottle before selling it. They guarrantee every single bottle they sell.  If one goes bad, you can return it and they will give you another one. 

The big oak barrels. 

Here you can really see the glass devices on the top of the barrels which lets them know how high the level of wine is without introducing oxygen. 

They often transfer the wine from barrel to barrel, because each barrel has its own characteristics, just as the room has different microclimates. Some areas are warmer, and some are cooler. The person in charge of all of that really has to be able to tell where the wine is and where it is going. 

We got to check out the rooftop terrace. Beautiful view of the hills. 

One hotel in Barolo looked very welcoming. 

There is the castle with the wine museum we visited before. 

Happy to finally be down from the rooftop terrace, out of the heat, and done with the tour. 
There was another two people who were tasting along with us, and they were from Australia. Finally we could have some conversation! Very nice. Interesting wine. We purchased six bottles. 

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