Sunday, May 22, 2011


climbing the wall...

yay! this was fun. when can we come back?


since it was early sunday, and not many people were in the gym, z got an after climbing treat!
he needs to know, however, that this is not really what the ropes are for.


i like climbing in a harness! will you please buy me some shoes and a harness???


very first time climbing with a harness, at 2.5 yrs! go z!!!
daddy had SO much fun.
after climbing in the harness, z bounded upstairs to the upper level where there is a little tiny wall set just for z, and he just raced up the two routes there over & over again. it really gave him a lot of self confidence! so cute.


we went out for brunch to meriwether's this morning, then made a quick trip to home depot before heading to the climbing gym. z finally agreed to put on a harness this time!!!

had to put it to a quick test

daddy's birthday!

z helped daddy open presents. z actually woke up this morning saying he had a good dream. a dream about books... ??? much better than a bad dream, at least.

i love daddy.

z, daddy, & his birthday cake. you can't tell, but it's in the shape of a heart. it's iced with whipped cream. it also has a white candle on it.

busy day!

yesterday was a busy day. we went to the zoo with grandma & grandpa, and then z came home to a letter full of animal stickers from abuelo and abuela - how appropriate! he stuck them all over his shirt. we vacuumed a lot of the house (painful for me), did all the laundry, ran to the store, and then mommy made banana cake cupcakes while z was sleeping. z & i met auntie j for dinner at the deschutes brewery. it was packed due to a timbers game (with of all teams, columbus, ohio). we had a long wait before being seated, but z was a trooper. he still has lots of cheesy pasta left.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


ugh. pork chop for breakfast (with illegal apple sauce). i'm so sick of this diet. i woke up early - didn't sleep well during the night. my hips are starting to hurt on whichever side i'm sleeping. it hurt the night before, so last night i tried sleeping with the big u-shaped pregnancy pillow, but i found it too high and too hot in the bed. j left early this morning to spend the day at smith rock climbing with friends. z woke up crying early, so everyone is up now. i was planning on going hiking with z on the audubon society paths, but z said he didn't want to hike. i'm worried about having to carry him + supplies, so i think we might go to the zoo instead. time to get packing...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


the "k" sound is still hard for z to say at the beginning of a word. he gets it correct about 2% of the time. i thought i'd document it because it's pretty cute...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


affectionate z

he's doing very well with his speech. his private speech therapist thinks he's doing so well, we don't need to have anymore sessions! he's finally combining groups of 4-5 word sentences, and coming up with things on his own, such as "look - bug outside going up. now going down." he says words we didn't know he knew. he's more active in his music together class, and more verbal about the songs at home and in the car. he finally has a favorite song on the cd (biddy bum). he wants to listen to it so much that it's driving me crazy! he still doesn't want to sing, but he can match pitches a little, and was singing the tonic pitch in class today. i imagine all that will come with time. he's much more active on playgrounds, being braver about going down slides, and climbing more securely. swinging is still his favorite thing to do, and he's still in the toddler swings. it's getting harder and harder for me to get him out of them - i often have to take a shoe or two off! i always ask if he wants to try the big boy swings, but he's not interested yet. same with potty training - knows he has to poop, but has no interest in sitting on the potty. he's able to answer more questions. for example, i asked him if he saw any neighbors outside this afternoon while i was teaching, and he was able to name g, s, & k, which he hasn't been able to do in the past (he'd just look at me blankly).
he's becoming much more interested in babies, with a baby sister on the way. at library story time today, he kept turning around to look at a 1 month old baby. when we picked him up from the nursery after church, the sitter said he sat for a long time next to a baby & held her hand gently. i'm reassured by this behavior, because it wasn't that long ago that he would always hit babies & try to poke their eyes out & push them down (if they were standing).
he asked to hug his baby sister (my belly) tonight - so cute!!! for now, he's excited about seeing mommy's belly grow and the prospect of having an infant around the house. he often puffs his belly out & says "baby sister in there," pointing to his belly. we need to get a picture of all three of us puffing our bellies out! i've finally surpassed jeff's belly puffing abilities.

i'm going crazy on this stupid no carb diet. of course a few carbs get consumed here & there, but still... i'm only 16.5 weeks, meaning i may have at least 23 weeks left of this (possibly). and the last time it didn't do any good. sigh. 3 weeks until the first glucose tolerance test. how can i last? i'm so sick of protein, especially chicken. garlic makes me nauseated, so lots of things are out. my breakfasts are usually 1 egg, some type of cheese, olives, fresh grape tomatoes (which are actually technically illegal, because last pregnancy they would make the blood sugar shoot up), carrots (also pushing it), and red pepper. basically a chef salad. roasted veggies for lunch, along with some sort of protein i can stomach (today it was another hard boiled egg), with more roasted veggies for dinner & more protein.
i cheated this weekend, because z was staying with abuelo/a for one evening, so j & i went out with our neighbors. that's probably made it more difficult for me to return to the diet. somehow my students keep talking about cake & ice cream & other forbidden things in lessons. ugh. it's not bad like having cancer or something, but pregnancy itself is not easy. i feel extra sluggish (i imagine) due to the lack of carbs. diets & i don't go well together. i'm all about moderation, and that's just not an option.


mischievous z
he's starting to do this low pitched growling type laughter. we're not quite sure where he got it, but it's really cute (except for the fact it means his evil side is emerging).


giggly z.
and do you see the cup of milk in the picture??? he's finally started drinking milk again, now from a cup! abeulo/a offered it to him last thursday, and ever since then, he's wanted to drink some every single time we've offered it to him. he used to not drink it at all, if it wasn't in a bottle! i've been worried about his calcium intake, so hopefully he'll continue drinking it.


this is one of z's favorite things at the moment, something to do with daddy.
he also loves counting off 12345, when we're both holding his hands, so that he can swing from our arms when we're walking somewhere. he's doing well with his numbers, and recognizes pretty much the whole alphabet. he also knows his right foot/hand from his left!!!!!

mothers day

mother's day was nice. the day before, we met up with the grandparents at hall street grill for brunch. later that day we had friends over for dinner, so it was a bit of a rush to get the house presentable & food cooked.
the next day i slept in until about 8:30, and when i came upstairs, z gave me a sweet card! he had signed his name (with help from daddy). there were these beautiful flowers waiting for me (which vinny had evidently already knocked over once, which is why bouquets usually live on top of our refrigerator unless we're around), and had a coffee & cookie from starbucks. we went to church later that morning & were the family to light the chalice candle at the beginning of the service. the rest of the day was relaxed. i went to see a movie, which turned out to be awful, but it was ok, because i didn't have to pay because i was a mom!

Saturday, May 07, 2011


we had lunch with a friend this morning downtown, and z loves pushing the buttons on the parking meter. this morning he got lucky and found some coins, so i made him a bank. my mom wanted to buy him one, but i thought that was ridiculous. this bank is perfectly good. i even "decorated" it! this poor little girl in my belly has no chance of fancy fairy girly parties if this is what passes for decorating in this house....


z received some pea pod seeds in a burgerville kids meal one day, so here he is planting them.
seeds get pushed into the soil,

and then covered with more soil! we hope they grow into something!


i got out of the shower one morning and found toothpaste EVERYWHERE!
i knew this was a danger, so i have always kept my toothpaste up high, as the baby proofing didn't work on the drawers in our bathroom, and mr. z has full access to them. now i believe somebody else keeps his toothpaste up high, after receiving this picture & an angry email at work one morning. there's still toothpaste all over the side of the drawer. when z sees it, he tells daddy "i did that." "bad boy." he definitely got a time out for this one! it happened soon after we had had the carpets cleaned - i was soooo mad!

time out

can't remember what he did to deserve this, but he wasn't naked except for diaper because of us... he was just mid clothes-change & was being bad & didn't want any clothes on. not my fault!

easter 2011

here he is, all dressed for easter church. after getting up, he found a basket from the easter bunny with two new movies - ratatouille, and toy story - and a few chocolates. he hunted for some easter eggs that the easter bunny hid for him, which also had chocolate in them. then we went to church, saw grandma, and she gave him another little easter basket with a chocolate bunny and a chocolate egg (with a tiny chocolate chick inside). still hasn't finished those yet...
then after his nap, we went to canby & had easter dinner with grandma, grandpa, abuelo, & abuela. thanks for the delicious food!


"sun goes down, moon get up"
i have no idea where he got this, but he loves to say it, especially when jumping up & down on the sofa or in the crib. also, "light on, light off, light on, light off."

some other favorite things to say these days - "that funny!"
finally says "mommy" instead of "moni."
"grandma" is "damma" - pretty funny!
"i do it."
if you say "hello zane," he says "hello zane."
recognizes #'s 1-10, many letters.
can almost say screwdriver instead of "cozayzay."
still says "hunna" instead of "hungry."
it's 8:31 on a saturday morning, and both boys are still sleeping!

Friday, May 06, 2011


this is how my day began yesterday.
the raisin? up someone's nose. tweezers? the tool that saved the day. and yes, mother, i know you'll be laughing very hard when you see this. thank goodness this morning has been much less eventful. off to school!