Thursday, August 14, 2008


so i saw a dietician today, ordered by the midwives, for the gestational diabetes thing. she gave me a machine for reading blood sugar levels. i have to prick myself 4 times a day - when i first get up in the morning, after breakfast, lunch, & dinner. if the readings are fairly normal after a week, i'll only have to draw it once a day after that. and i have to eat a low carb diet. i'm allowed 3 servings of fruit a day (as snacks), and have to limit breakfast to 30g carbs, & lunch & dinner to 45 g carbs. basically the atkins diet. and i thought dieting was bad when pregnant.
i can't sleep right now, and am starving, but i can't eat anything because it will throw off the readings for the first blood draw - i'm supposed to have fasted for 8 hours. and i don't want to have to do this 4 times a day thing for more than a week. still super mad about it. not happy one bit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i have gestational diabetes.

i am not happy.

Friday, August 08, 2008


i had the test this morning. got there around 7:30am, after fasting for 10 hours. had blood drawn, drank the yucky stuff, then had my blood drawn 3 more times, in hour increments. my left arm didn't fare too well, and it was bruised to begin with, from the first glucose test on monday. :( right arm isn't as bad...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


boy, oh boy, do i love being pregnant.

because i'm pregnant, i get to fast for the next 10 hours, then have my blood drawn, down 100 grams of straight glucose in under 5 min on the lovely empty stomach, hopefully not vomit (or else it will all have to be repeated at a later date), and then have my blood drawn 1 hour later, then another hour later, and then ANOTHER hour later. blood drawn 4 freaking times. and i'm not allowed to walk around. i have to just SIT there. fun oh fun.

and the possible outcome of all of this?

no f$%!ing vices left.

no sugar.

and to imagine, after their wives go through multiple pregnancies... some guys still have the gall to complain about vasectomies...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

paulina lake '08

last weekend, we drove down to paulina lake in the newberry national volcanic monument for some camping. some friends of ours were supposed to come to (along with some friends of theirs), but one ended up getting sick. at the time we left, they were going to try to show up on saturday, but they weren't sure. as it turned out, they never ended up coming, because our sick friend had a fever & ended up in urgent care on saturday, resulting in antibiotics. they were going to bring wood, so we had to buy some extra wood when we got to the campsite to supplement the small amount of piano wood we had left to burn. one of the pieces we purchased wasn't quite split small enough, so here are a couple amusing videos of j deciding how to split it in two pieces.
unfortunately, i forgot any & all reading material, and j forgot to bring the slack line, so there was lots of time for idle amusement. this forgetfulness resulted in our making a list of things (which is now on our computer) to bring camping, to hopefully avoid this situation in the future!

paulina lake '08

this is dinner #1. i was concerned about many things before going on this trip, but one main concern was being able to eat well for baby mothra. i think we succeeded. we still had mozzarella & heirloom tomatoes left from the caprese salad we took to a bbq on wed, so i brought along a mini-baguette with which to finish off the last bits. it was missing a spot of olive oil & balsamic vinegar & basil, but was still pretty gourmet camping eating. we also had chicken skewers & red peppers. lots of veggies & protein for the baby!

paulina lake '08

this is a self portrait of my belly, which is housing baby mothra for the next 11 weeks. i took it to show how far my thermal smartwool shirt fits over the belly. the top shirt (white) actually did fit all the way, as it was a maternity t-shirt, but i pulled it up to show the shortcomings of the long underwear, and just how rotund i am! scary!
i discovered the 2nd night that it works much better putting the white shirt on first, and then the black thermal one. didn't ride up nearly as much that way.
our trip to paulina lake last year was a much colder one, because i wasn't the proud owner of such high quality thermals, nor did i own at that time my puffy down jacket. i came prepared this time, and it made a huge difference in comfort!

paulina lake '08

this was the absolute last of the piano wood - left from the destruction of the broken piano in our basement - and we burned every last bit of it. a symbol of the end of our lives without kids, perhaps...

paulina lake '08

night #1. marshmallows roasted over an open fire, j as meisterroaster.

canadian p, aren't you proud of us & our canadian booties you got us? see? we're using them! they're perfect for camping at paulina lake.

that's where the fun ended. night #1 was hell. at first my air mattress wasn't full enough, so i had to wake j up to do the honors. i tried sleeping, but soon got sore, because a pillow between the legs did not fit in a mummy bag. i was up at least every two hours, having to use the latrine & simply because the pain in my hips got too bad. and it was freezing out when i had to get up. i was so thankful to have my (down) puffy jacket, and thankful i had gotten a large enough size to barely fit over my belly. i finally got up around 5am & went for a walk. when i came back, j was up & starting a fire, worried about where i was. we ate breaky, & then i tried sleeping again. j smartly suggested i try putting his folded up sweatshirt between my knees to make the sleeping more comfy. it wasn't quite as nice as a pillow, but was good enough, allowing me to get a decent 3-ish more hours of sleep. i woke up in a MUCH better mood. earlier in the morning, i was ready to make him drive me home. i was a trooper, though, & toughed it out, & things got better. i think i earned some wifey points with this trip...

paulina lake '08

wow! i just discovered that vertical pictures will now post vertically here on blogspot! yay! anyway, on saturday afternoon (after my nap), we made the hike around the lake to the hot springs. it was actually pretty warm outside, and the springs were hotter than normal, so i could barely put my feet in. it was still worth the hike, though. really slow goin'... at 6000+ feet, i got out of breath pretty easily in my prego state. poor j had to keep stopping to wait for me. i was just doing my best...

paulina lake '08

here's dinner #2, in all its beauty - rib eye steaks & roasted red peppers. we also had carrot sticks, sungold tomatoes, & cherries left from the previous day. of course, we roasted marshmallows over the fire for dessert. it was our last night camping as a family of two. sad, but exciting at the same time.

paulina lake '08

sunday morning, true to form, i woke up again around 5am, but this time, i had slept straight through! i stayed in bed for about an hour, trying to sleep more, but finally decided to get up & go for a walk. the lake was misty & beautiful, and lots of fish were jumping. by the time i got back, j was up & starting a fire. we ate breaky, & then went back to sleep for a couple hours, before packing up camp & leaving. i'll never go camping again in the 3rd trimester of being pregnant, but i am glad i went. paulina lake is always beautiful, and the air at 6000+ feet is always clean & clear. despite obnoxious neighbor campers, we still had a great time.

paulina lake '08

it seems like each time we go camping at paulina (and most times we're in central oregon), we make a stop at the deschutes brewery in bend. on sunday, we left camp early enough that we hit bend a little before noon. neither of us was particularly hungry, so we decided to keep going & eat dinner out somewhere in portland after getting home & unpacking. deschutes now has a brewery in the pearl district in portland, which we had never been to, so we decided to check it out. the food never tasted so good!!!! j had a pork sandwich, i had a cobb-type salad, and we split the berry bread pudding for dessert. i swear it was one of the best meals i've ever had!!!!