Friday, February 01, 2008

not much to mention these days. last weekend was busy... friday we just stayed home & watched "munich." not my favorite flick. i guess it was well done, but watching a movie about blowing people up just isn't enjoyable. on saturday, we had two social engagements. one was an open house in the afternoon for a family who will be moving back to the east coast, and the other was a 40th birthday party. that was fun - it was mexican fiesta style, with sand, mariachi music, and a pinata. even though it was cold & rainy outside, people were still living it up around the fire!
on sunday, we woke up really early & went skiing at skibowl. i forget how much it had snowed overnight, but it was around 2 feet, and was still snowing. most runs weren't really groomed, and a lot of the time i couldn't see my skis. i had never skied in so much powder before. it was pretty heavy, as it wasn't that far below freezing, so we all tired out really quickly. "dad" m was driving us all up in his suv, which had a dvd player in the back seat, so j & i watched "marie antoinette" on the drive home. the trip up was pretty rocky - despite the traction tires, m put on chains. going home was much smoother.

anyway, i've been spending my free time getting tax stuff together. j is going skiing tomorrow again - he also went on tuesday evening (when is MY playtime????) - and then we have dinner with friends at 6:30. sunday will bring some relaxation & football. no big parties this year, which is fine. perhaps i'll get caught up on some reading. i haven't touched any new yorkers or other magazines since we returned from new zealand. just conducted a poll with its members, regarding which democrat they should endorse. i voted for hillary, but barack won. it's slightly disappointing, as i would really really like to see a woman president, but barack is a fine candidate too. i worry that hillary wouldn't be electable because she's a "clinton," but i also worry about barack & his lack of experience with washington politics (although, perhaps it's a good thing). they're both pretty much equally qualified. i just ultimately care about getting the republicans out of control of our country.