Sunday, May 20, 2012


s can now do tricks! she is able to turn from her belly to her back. it's so cute, and she gets so excited about it. this week she & i & grandma fly to minneapolis for a teaching convention. i couldn't leave her behind because i'm still breast feeding, so grandma will be watching her while i attend sessions. i hope to run into old friends - should be a busy weekend! j is taking off work to hang out with z. they're planning on camping at smith rock with friends.

eek! teeth!

on wed may 9, s got her first tooth. she had been waking up pretty much hourly the few days before. her next three teeth continued to make appearances over the next four days, and her nightly waking schedule did not change. i used ibuprofen & tylenol, and orajel. i also tried clove oil mixed with olive oil, as my barista had recommended trying, but that didn't help much. she was really fussy & miserable. now that they've all cut through the gums, she's back to sleeping longer chunks. however, along with the teething, she had a bad cold, so i had her sleeping in her car seat for a few nights, which helped her sleep better. now i have her sleeping on a pillow - still elevated somewhat, but at least this way she's able to stretch her legs out.
j was gone last sunday to friday for a business trip to japan. he cooked me pancakes for mother's day & we had mimosas, and then he left. my parents stopped by on their way home from church and picked up the kids, so i could have the afternoon free. i saw dark shadows with a friend, and then met them at their house - they cooked dinner for me. the week was rough. it's difficult doing two bath times, doing all the dishes, cooking, on top of teaching & waking up a million times at night.
on tuesday night, a friend came over for dinner. z had been crying after peeing that afternoon, and i decided at the last minute that i needed to take him to urgent care. i put s to bed, then left my friend at the house to keep watch while i took z to the doctor's. he had a urinary tract infection. i called to have my mom come over to let my friend go home (he doesn't have kids... doesn't really do baby stuff), but then had to send her back out to get z's antibiotics from one of the few pharmacies open late. on top of the u.t.i., z had a yucky cough developing. i had to wake him up to give him the first dose of the antibiotic - by then it was 10:30pm. i had put s down around 7:15, so i knew she'd be waking up soon. z coughed from 11-12 (while still being asleep somehow). the coughing drives me crazy - it's impossible for me to sleep through! i couldn't decide whether to lie in bed, listening, or to read a book or watch a movie. i tried putting vick's baby rub on his hands & feet. either that helped, or he stopped coughing on his own... either way, i managed to finally fall asleep, only to have s wake 20 min later. what a crappy night!!!
the week is finished, & j is back home safe. i get to go through all of that again (although perhaps i'll get lucky with no teething or sick kids....riiiight) in late july, when j has to go to the east coast for work. i would not have survived without help from the grandparents. thank goodness they all live in town!