Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holidays 2011

oh my goodness. i am exhausted. this morning, i was so tired that i accidentally gave z prilosec (meant for baby s) instead of his antibiotics. luckily i realized this before z had left for gymnastics with grandma. i quickly ran out with the correct medicine, but i felt so horrible about it. i didn't think i was that exhausted, bu clearly i was! i've never done that before, and hopefully it will never happen again. i need more sleep!!!
but here i am staying up late blogging, because i can never find any other time, especially when i have two hands free at once.
baby s is a very sweet baby, but she takes so much energy. between the three of us, we've had at least 18 appointments since her birth. z has been sick, s has been spitting up so much... so busy. i've been going out of my mind having z miss so much preschool. it's difficult to entertain two kids. i'm really angry that his strep throat wasn't caught the FIRST time we saw the doctor, on day three of his fever. from now on i'm going to insist on a strep test. i had to take him in this past monday, on day seven of his fever, when they finally did a strep test (positive), a flu test (negative), and a herpes test for a sore he has on the corner of his mouth (negative). after antibiotics, he is feeling much better. no more fever, but he still tires quickly and is not yet 100%. luckily i purchased several crafty things to do from michael's, and those (along with way more tv and movies than i'd like to admit to) have filled up the time.
i really really need more sleep. i am definitely going to regret staying up late tonight. ugh.

making & decorating gingerbread houses.


and decorated! (if you can call it that...)

baking cookies....

and decorated. note the z & the s.

unfinished pinecone snowman craft.


we have had woodpeckers attacking our house, so j finally found the time to do something about it. he harnessed himself to the couch, leaned out the window, and hung these mobiles. hopefully this will keep them away.

bannanna 'pit.

z enjoys the simple pleasure of a bannanna 'pit.

daddy's banana split.


stupid, stupid cat.
z & i heard lots of scratching. there were no cats stuck in any bedrooms, trying to get out. no cats stuck in closets.
just a stupid cat stuck in a freaking DRAWER!
he was BEHIND the drawer.

behind the drawer.

trying to get out.

i had to help him by holding the drawer partially shut, and lifting him from behind. stupid, stupid cat. actually, smart, but stupid, cat.

2011 advent calendar

z's advent calendar, probably the last year he doesn't have to share it with s. i shopped for this & assembled it while z was in school on my birthday.

thanksgiving 2011

we had planned on going to eugene to celebrate thanksgiving with extended family, but baby s's reflux had thoroughly exhausted us, and we just didn't have the energy to drive down, so grandma & grandpa hosted us in tigard. we were very thankful to have somewhere to go.

z plays the piano.

a kiss from mommy.

grandma entertains baby s.

fun with the sprayer.

some mommy time.

an almost smile! fun with grandma.


z built a "castle." he likes his mommy time.

our new life.

some skin to skin bonding time.

z feeds his baby sister.

notice how he goes from being well behaved to mischievous...

halloween 2011

z & two neighbor friends, trick or treating. which one is z?

ohhh - that one!!!

s's birthday - hospital room

uncle j & s - he's practicing!

auntie j & s. she was very entertaining and made me laugh - i had to tell her to stop it, because it hurt my belly to laugh so much! she also brought us yummy pastries, which totally rescued me in the middle of the night when i finally got my appetite back. thank you!!!

our little ladybug & grandpa.

yay! mommy made it into a completely vertical position. yay for mommy! this was NOT easy. just sitting that upright made me nauseated, as did moving around, not to mention how painful it was. this c-section was much much harder - more pain, more discomfort. they had a different method of pain management, and the nurses were not helpful. i don't appreciate being talked down to.

z was finally healthy enough to come & visit us and meet his new sister. here he's holding the bear he created for baby s. um, a pink bear wasn't exactly what i had in mind, but oh well!

z is having lots of fun with the box the bear came in.

z, abuela, and baby s. poor guy... at this point, he has no idea how much life has changed for him.

her first smile?
hey, let's get this show on the road! i want to see my new home! if it's anything like this soft cushy blanket, i am going to LOVE life!

s's birthday - recovery room

daddy & s. easy for you to look so happy, daddy. you didn't just get your belly cut open wide!

happy daddy, sleeping baby s, and a very very uncomfortable mommy. i was shaking really badly. this lasted about two hours. it helped to hold s on my chest; that seemed to quiet them. my muscles were sore afterward, especially in my jaw. i kept clenching to try to keep everything still. this was the worst part of the c-section. awful.

happy aunt m, holding the baby burrito.

daddy, dr. o'reilly, and baby s. yay - he survived! not so sure about mommy, though.

s's birthday

mommy, daddy, & baby s, bonding & waiting for everything to be finished.
s did a good job of keeping mommy distracted.

look at those cheeks & lips! so adorable.

such an unhappy face!

cute little baby feet. her toes seem so long!

baby zen - blissed out.

s's birthday

in the ohsu parking lot before the big day, on the way up to the labor & delivery ward.

view outside my temporary room.

beautiful sunrise & view of mt hood - a great day to be born!

mommy waiting nervously.

aunt m & uncle j waiting, not nervously.

brother & sister having fun. i was already in the operating room.

waiting for sounds of baby s.

the cord is being cut...

yay! i'm free! but it's cold out here!