Wednesday, February 29, 2012


s laughs & talks to daddy... and z enjoys a banana split.
we enjoyed doughnuts in the morning and made gumbo for dinner on mardi gras.
before the weekend to seattle, mommy & daddy had babysitter bonnie come over to play with z & s, while they went out for a delicious dinner at wildwood with friends m & t. that following friday, pasitos had a parents' night out, so they got to go out again (albeit with s) to the hall street grill.


z wanted to eat some of his lunch back at the hotel room, but we had no fork. the ice tongs had to suffice.

after lunch, we all napped a bit, but some longer than others.

after napping, we headed to bellevue to see our friends a, j, & their four year old s. they cooked a delicious dinner of steak and mushroom pasta for us. what a treat!
the next morning, we checked out of the westin and headed back to portland. we stopped at the flight history museum on our way out of seattle to help z & s burn off some energy. neither j nor i had ever been. grandma had recommended that we take z there. we determined z is a little too young to get much out of it at this point. it was a very expensive way for him to burn up energy!


we had tried to go for dinner the night we arrived in seattle at the icon grill, a restaurant right across from the westin. they only allowed reservations, so we had to go back to the hotel to eat. we tried going again for lunch on sunday, and we were more successful.

z fell asleep pretty quickly - he took a nice long snooze on daddy's lap. s fell asleep too, but woke up sooner than z.

s woke up and had fun playing. thank goodness for booths.

s plays with z's drill....


the seattle westin is a couple blocks from one end of the monorail. we were supposed to meet up with a friend of mine from high school and her two kids (one of which was born a month after sloane) at the childrens' museum. the monorail dropped us right by it!

z, excited about the monorail trip.

mommy & s on the monorail.

z at the childrens' museum

z & s at the museum

that was fun!!! time to get some lunch and go back to the hotel room for a nap.


z loved lying on our bed in the hotel. it was right next to the big flat screen tv, on which he watched lots and lots of spongebob squarepants. it had many more channels than we have at home. the hotel was fairly nice, but the room was smallish and a little worn. we made it work, however. z slept on a pull out couch, and s slept in a hotel crib. she did fairly well, and i figured out a routine for nursing & changing her at night (in the bathroom). z got sick the second night there, and coughed the whole entire night. luckily we had brought benadryl, so that helped us get a little more sleep. however, z is still sick, and i got sick the day after presidents' day, and j got sick two days later. my throat is still KILLING me - it hurts SO much! :(


we stayed at the westin in seattle two weekends ago. it had a pool!!!


Grandma got someone a new pair of shoes, which are a tad bit too large...


my little daughter is pretty in pink!

new hat

z is wearing a new hat that a friend of mine from zanesville made. she also made a hat for s.

valentine's day 2012

on valentine's day...



daddy is all dressed up to go to a climbing joust, unbelievably. they were told to dress up, or wear all white, or dress as their favorite candy, so daddy chose to dress up.


here's cousin c holding s.
c, j, & h spent a night in tigard on their way down to san jose, so we met up with them for dinner recently.


z offers daddy food.
note the ending. perfect example of his latest behavior.


we purchased a bikini for s in anticipation of our upcoming trip to seattle (which has a pool). s is trying it on for the first time, and z is taking pictures of s, just like mommy. s clearly likes z!


s does her best to talk with daddy. she's so full of smiles!


jan 18th - s's very first time sitting in a high chair!


excited about snow...


s, dressed for a holiday open house...

xmas 2011

z at abuelo/a's

s, wearing the very same xmas dress i wore for my first xmas


xmas 2011


kiss for s

xmas eve

z is all decked out for xmas eve. we went to church for the candle light service, the we went to a friend's house for an amazing dinner. a great evening!

z with the xmas tree... not sure what his serious look is all about...


my happy baby!

eternal flame

fun with the kiddo

pasitos xmas program

despite missing a lot of school, z did surprisingly well at remembering his moves in his song at the school xmas program.

little s zonked out in her santa outfit.