Sunday, January 20, 2008


i'm so so so grumpy.  and i don't know why.  it could be a lot of things.  simply a yucky weekend.  didn't like it one bit.  hmmmpphhh!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

flu season.

my little soldiers.

the hubby has the flu. he came home sick from work on thursday and hasn't felt good since. i've been trying my best to both help him out and not catch the flu from him. been employing the works - oscillococcinum, usnea, vitamin c... not to mention my normal vitamins, fish oil, and good ol' washing of the hands. get better soon, hubby!!!

happy birthday!

last sunday, we took my mom out for brunch to celebrate her birthday, along with my dad & j's family (minus a few). thanks for coming out, everyone!

my mom is the proud owner of two of the new special riedel oregon pinot noir glasses. they're absolutely amazing with oregon pinots!

good dinner

last friday, j went to the grocery store while i was teaching, and brought home the makings of this wonderful dinner. ravioli, foccacia, roasted red peppers, lemeleson wine (actually, we already had that in our cellar).... very good, & artfully prepared! thanks hubby!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

bowling for a birthday

oh dear, this isn't very ladylike.
tonight i went bowling. it was c's birthday (4th from the left), and she chose the activity.
i totally suck at bowling.
in fact, i suck at pretty much all sports. bowling, curling, golfing, volleyball... really really bad. i'm trying to learn to bask in the glory of my suck-y-ness, as i get older.
it astounds me, however, that i can be SO bad, yet manage to make a living out of playing the violin - something that uses fine motor skills & the coordination of hands & fingers & arms. makes absolutely no sense to me. totally sucky.


first meal of the year - babyback ribs - YUM!!! thanks for cooking, p & n!


my hubby is such a cutie!


this was their fearless guide, a.


p & j went out for a backcountry experience on new year's day with their friend a.


another sideways picture - the mama-to-be. just a few more weeks!


aren't we a lively bunch? y'all gotta calm down a little - you're getting out of control!


after gorgefest #2, we watched the movie "reno 911," and then broke out the champagne for a new year's toast. we found a performance of pink martini on OPB - here's robert taylor himself in the middle of a beautiful solo!


a picture of the finished product - another great meal at chateau topflight!


my signature pose, albeit sideways. methinks i grew up with too many mr. yuck stickers everywhere... or perhaps i was channeling the maori warriors. ?


oh hubby, you think you're so smart...
what ev.


on new year's eve, we got up to go skiing at mt bachelor, and myself, very reluctantly, as i had endured a second night of insomnia. i was frustrated & hating life because i was so tired, & didn't want to go ski, and guessed it would be better to stay home, but i went anyway because i was afraid i'd miss a good day of skiing. well, i should've stuck with my instincts. there were long lines at bachelor, and lots of the lifts weren't working. it was f-reezing out, and the lifts kept stopping for long periods of time. i decided after the first run that i was done for the day. eventually, j gave me a ride home so i could take a nap. thanks, hubby!!! when everyone got home, we started making ravioli from scratch. here are some pictures.


the sunday after xmas, p & n met us from canadia, and we drove to skibowl for an awesome day of skiing. it was dumping snow, and it was cold enough out that the snow was very light and dry - perfect conditions! after a full day of skiing, we drove down to sunriver - a trip that took forever due to all the recent snow. we made a cheese fondue when we finally arrived at our house. it was very stringy. perfect. the beginning of our culinary adventures at the New Years Vacation at Sunriver. we also made a chocolate fondue for dessert, thanks to n magically having a recipe in her purse. i guess everybody carries around random fondue recipes in their purses, eh? hmm... perhaps it's a calgary thing.

x-mas '07

this is the only shot from x-mas '07. we all forgot to take pictures.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

taco dinner

unbeknownst to me, until a half hour before we were to leave, the wine tasting day was not over. we were invited over to j's parents' house for a taco dinner, in honor of his brother & his wife, who were in town that evening. a taco dinner means flour tortillas made from scratch, which makes tacos a million times better. unfortunately, i was really full from lunch, so i wasn't able to do my taco justice, but luckily j stepped up & finished mine for me. he even had room for his "butter and sugar" taco (see bottom picture)...something i found really disgusting, but he's loved them since he was a kid.

wine tasting

the sunday before x-mas, we went wine tasting with friends. we started out at archery summit, which was a bit disappointing, as they weren't tasting any of my favorite, the arcus. we stopped at torii mor next, which was a great time. lots of good whites and reds there. unfortunately their chardonnay went up in price quite a lot - no longer the good buy that it was for our wedding. after that, we stopped at this awesome barbecue place (huckabee's???)- had an amazing pulled pork sandwich & cheesy grits (ain't everythin better with cheesy grits???). it filled our tummys for our last stop, chehalem (see lower picture). all in all, a fantastic, fun day!

skiing & the farm

on the saturday before x-mas, we went skiing at skibowl with these two, & then went out for dinner afterwards at the farm. the skiing wasn't that good - it had been raining two days before, so there wasn't much new snow, and it started raining after noon, so we left a bit early. dinner was great. we all especially enjoyed the scallops, and the dessert. good day, even if i was suffering from lack of sleep!

Friday, January 04, 2008

on the friday before x-mas, j & i went to my parents' for dinner with my cousin c, her husband j, their son h, and my parents. little h was so cute. pepper was definitely jealous of little h, and little h found pepper's food very interesting. what a cute, happy, 2nd cousin we have!!!