Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye 2008

Goodbye, 2008.  This has been a tough year for me.  Lots of challenges.  It brought me something very special - Z - but not without difficulties.  It's been a year of changes.  Perhaps it's telling that I've chosen to say goodbye to 2008 instead of hello to 2009.  I'm still mourning the loss of my life B.C. - before children - but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what I've gained.  Every day I love my little bundle of joy more and more, as he grows into a responsive little being.  He's smiling a lot more these days (when he's not screaming bloody murder from gas pain), just beginning to try to "talk" to us.  His little grasp is growing stronger, and he's gaining head strength.  He's almost able to enjoy a bumbo chair (he lasts for about 5 minutes), except for the fact that he's almost too huge to fit in it.  However, he still has a ways to go in the sleep department.  He still has really fussy days.  Time passes really slowly for me, but at the same time, I hardly have time to get anything accomplished.  October 10th seems years and years and years ago.  
We celebrated New Year's Eve, sharing dinner with friends.  Good times.  Pomegranate seeds are really beautiful...  
Today was difficult.  Z was having a bad day.  I hope tomorrow is better, and hope 2009 brings great things, not just for our family, but for this nation, and the whole world.  

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

super sleeper, and then not...

this past week, we've started a night time routine with z, because he suddenly started sleeping in 5-6 hour chunks or longer.  sunday & monday night, he slept 10 hours in a row, but then broke his winning streak last night.  mommy was really distraught over this.  perhaps it was a delayed reaction to the two vaccinations he received on friday.  dunno.  i'd love it if it returned.  but i'm assuming it won't.  
we wrestled with the vaccination issue, and it's not so much the autism link as it is an issue of too much aluminum, and an assault on their immune system, doing so many at once.  so we've decided to space them out.  he received the DTaP & rotavirus vaccines on friday at his 2 month checkup.  he had a bit of a temperature friday night, and was a little fussy, but that's about it.  
he'll have two more vaccinations next month.  
z is starting to do new things.  last night he squealed & giggled, just as daddy got home from work.  he's able to push himself up more during tummy time, and is following toys & his mommy more with his eyes.  his grip is getting stronger, but he still isn't quite aware of his hands.  
i've been able to appreciate, finally, some very sweet moments with z.  i'm beginning to see how people can do this more than once.  possibly.  cuddling with a sweet, peaceful, warm baby can get addictive, especially on a cold winter night.  if only they were that way all the time!  
we're experiencing some winter weather at the moment.  not copious amounts of snow, but enough to make ice on the roads a problem.  i actually haven't been out of the house since sunday.  they don't clear the roads at all, unlike illinois, michigan, & ohio.  i'm needing some mommy time at the moment, but don't forsee any in the near future.   

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 months.

happy 2 month birthday, z!  it's about 5am.  i finished nursing z, and have been waiting to make sure he stayed asleep, while checking out photos.  j has been doing more of the photo uploading & posting, as i rarely have two hands free.  this picture made me laugh out loud.  it's worth double clicking & looking at up close.  z clearly wasn't so happy about his faux-hawk we gave him after his latest bath.  
so, he's two months today.  i'm still not getting enough sleep, and having regular mini break-downs.  it's fun.  oh well.  nobody said parenting was easy, and it's not quite as bad as i thought it would be.  z has his 2 month check-up on friday, where he'll get his first round of vaccinations.  i'm scared.  i haven't had time to do much reading up on vaccinations & the whole autism link.  my pediatrician friends say they believe in the traditional vaccination schedule, so i guess that's what we'll do.  i just hope it doesn't mess my baby up.  it will be interesting to see where he stands on the charts.  on monday, i weighed him with me on the scale, and with his diaper, he was 14.5 lbs.  he's definitely eating well.  if he could just work on the sleeping thing...

Monday, December 01, 2008

t-day holiday weekend...

too busy to post pics at the moment, but just to recap -
we spent thanksgiving at grandma & grandpa tigard's house, and g'ma & g'pa canby were in attendance, as was aunt m & her boyfriend j.  
on friday, my birthday, we drove to canby for nephew j's baptism.  we enjoyed a great lunch at g'ma & g'pa canby's house, and z met his cousin for the first time.  i spent the afternoon running a few errands, and enjoyed a dinner from burgerville - pepperbacon tillamook cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, and an ice cream cone, before getting to bed.  j & i are going out to dinner at a real restaurant sometime in the near future, when z is sleeping better, and we can really enjoy ourselves.  
on saturday, a couple old friends from the symphony came by for a baby play date.  
sunday, we spent the day getting small things done around the house, & helped g'ma & g'pa tigard out with some holiday chores.