Thursday, November 27, 2008

What goes through a baby's mind?

"MMmmmm...I like blueberry pancakes!"

"Why do they think I like these silly plastic things?" 

"Yes, Hello, I'm here for the job interview."

Family pictures

Here's a shot of 4 generations of the clan:    Z, J, grandpa D, and great-grandma.

And here's the family out at a wine & cheese night with friends:

More adventures of little Z-man

A couple weeks ago, Mommy got to go out and get a pedicure with a friend, bravely leaving Baby Z home alone with Daddy.  Fortunately, no disasters occurred.  Here's Z enjoying some tummy time:

And here's Z helping Daddy work on one of his work-from-home days:

turkey day

happy thanksgiving, everyone!  
it's midnight, and i just put a load of laundry in the washer.  gotta have more diaper covers - only a couple left.  i should be sleeping, but have been unable to, so j is sleeping instead, and i'm getting things done.  i've been too busy &/or tired to post lately.  we have lots of pictures, but they'll have to wait.  and the baby book... aieee.  too many things to stay on top of, with all this feeding every three hours.  well, i'm getting a little tired now, so with junior asleep & the laundry going, i'm off to bed again.  we'll see how long this lasts.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it took me 2.5 hours to get out of the house this morning and reach my destination with z by 11am.  tomorrow i have a doctor's appointment downtown at 8:40am.  not looking forward to getting up early enough to make that one!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


happy 1 month birthday, z!

it's tough now, finding time to post.  adding pictures is now going to be mostly j's domain.  i just don't have the time or energy.  it's 5am right now, which is pretty much the only time i have two hands free to type.  i imagine my one handed typing skills will eventually get better, but for now, i'm too impatient.  z is one month old now.  he's still not sleeping great, but i think it might be getting better.  all i know is that i can certainly still use more sleep.  and i recovered from the cold z gave me, but now i feel like i'm coming down with another one.  hard to tell if it's a cold, or just a reaction from eating too much dairy products.  
i had my first outing with z yesterday, the first time all by myself.  i'm still a little slow with the car seat & stroller, but it'll get better with more practice.  i had a dentist's appointment (yay -no cavities), and then i went to a new mom's group at st. vincent (hospital).  the mom's group meets weekly- everyone sits in a circle with her baby & takes a turn talking about what went well/bad in the past week, getting/giving advice from/to others.  a nurse runs the group.  i learned that i need to swaddle z more when putting him down to sleep, and that i need to see a lactation consultant, as the breast feeding is still hurting, and it shouldn't.  half the moms said they had seen "doris," a consultant at st. vincent, who supposedly can work magic, so i'll be seeing her on thursday.  
today we have painters coming to paint some areas in the basement.  i hope they get the work done quickly, and hope it's not too smelly.  
off to nap before z wakes up again...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Z's first Halloween

It turns out that Z just wasn't in the mood to go out trick-or-treating Friday evening.   So, we didn't get to take him out to say hello to the neighbors, but we did at least get him into his costume long enough to take some pictures: case you couldn't tell, he was a bumble-bee.

Baby Pictures!!!

hey all - this i j posting again.  l was silly enough to give me her password and let me unleash havoc on her once-peaceful blogosphere.  but, today i'm going to show some restraint because i'm distracted by how cute our little boy is...
so, without further ado, here are some much-requested pictures.

z's first tummy-time experience:
"sleeping all day makes me sooooo tired":

milk-drunk in the moby wrap...
here's a shout-out to out crafty canadian friends!
a size comparison:  10 pounds on the left vs. 18 pounds on the right.