Saturday, May 30, 2009

flipping, etc.

z can now flip from back to belly.  i've been waiting a long long time for that to happen!  it should've happened a while ago.  i worked a lot on it this week, though, just rolling him over & over again.  don't know if that had anything to do with it.  however, this has affected his napping & sleeping.  we were swaddling him, but we can't put his arms in it anymore.  we recently started just putting him down for naps without any rocking or soothing.  he generally only fusses or cries 5 min (at the most, 15), and then falls asleep.  today, though, he managed to get out of the swaddle immediately & flip himself on his tummy, but then couldn't flip to his back.  i thought his crying sounded different, & i checked on him & had to flip him back.  i tried swaddling him without his arms, which seemed to calm him down enough to fall asleep.  
he can also crawl backwards - it's mostly using his arms.  when he's on his belly, his legs splay out like a frog's.  once he learns to keep his legs in so he's on his knees, he'll be going non-stop...  i'm happy to wait a little longer for a mobile z.
speaking of mobile, z learned to turn on the mobile in his crib.  i think we'll need to remove it soon, as all the baby proofing websites say they should be gone after 5 months, or after they can reach it (he can't quite yet).  

potty seat

here are a couple pics of z on his potty seat.  i use his little baby bjorn potty more frequently, but now that he's really good about sitting up on his own, it's getting easier to put him on the actual toilet.  i had to remove the toilet paper because it was just too much fun for him to play with.  it's so nice to eliminate a few poopy diapers each day!  of course we're not that lucky all the time, but we're working on it.

memorial day bbq

on memorial day, we had a bbq.  j's soccer friends & their families came, and my cousins from seattle came down to visit, as they hadn't yet met little z.  it was lots of fun, but a busy end to a non-stop weekend!

j's 32nd b'day

here's a pic of the cousins & their mommies, and a little movie of auntie m making z fly & giggle.

Friday, May 29, 2009

j's 32nd b'day

j's family all met for an early dinner last saturday to celebrate his birthday at our local italian restaurant, bugatti's.  here are some pics...

j's 32nd b'day

last friday, g'ma & g'pa tigard offered to watch z for the night (again!  thanks so much!  sorry he woke up so frequently!) so that j & i could have a peaceful, unrushed dinner out to celebrate his birthday & then get a good night's sleep.  we went to tabla in ne portland.  here is a picture of j with our dessert- chocolate peanut butter cake with salted caramel sauce.  delicious!

z cutie

here he is, sitting in his mommy's old little rocking chair, and in a colorful umbrella stroller.

cannon beach

last friday was j's birthday, so he took the day off from work since all my students were on vacation. we took z out to cannon beach to see the oregon coast for the first time. it was really cold, and he wasn't so happy about it at first, but once we warmed him up, he had more fun.

cannon beach

z & mommy on the beach - it was really really windy!

cannon beach

z was much happier after we went back to the car to get my puffy vest. it kept his chubby legs nice & warm.

cannon beach

we stopped at mo's for clam chowder. j ordered dessert, and because i told the waiter it was j's birthday, all the wait staff sang to him! (he wasn't so happy about that...) we had a great time until i let z too close to my drink. he loves straws (you can see it in the picture), and pulled the cup down, spilling lemonade everywhere (including on my vest & coat). i had extra laundry to do when we got home.

z looks so cute when he wakes up from a nap with his little stretches. he kept waking, but not committing to staying awake, & going back to sleep. i finally caught the last time, during our drive back from cannon beach.

retirement party

i didn't get that many pictures, because i was also working the video camera, but these were from r/mom/grandma's retirement brunch a couple weekends ago. congrats on being such a fantastic teacher!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


z is all ready for bath time with daddy!  

mother's day 2009

lots of pictures, little text.  we all met at wildwood for brunch on sunday.  it reminded me why we don't take z out in public very often.  too difficult to time naps, and he doesn't last very long.  still, it was great to see everyone.  thanks for treating us, grandpa tigard & grandpa canby!  we went to rei afterwards so that i could use my dividend, and then we went home.  we were all exhausted from the outing.  kind of pathetic, but that's life with a baby.


last saturday was sunny & good weather, so daddy got to go climbing (because mommy is so nice).  z & i had a little picnic down at the local park & swings.  all the kids were jealous of z because i brought BUBBLES.


a yummy grilled dinner from last friday.


last friday we took z down to the baby swings at commonwealth park.  he loved them!!!!

johnny jumpup

z loves spending time in his johnny jumpup.  especially more so now that he's trying to "begin" to crawl.