Sunday, May 18, 2014

mommy skates!

i went skating three weeks ago, with z, before his skating class. he was being tested in that class, and he tested up to the next level. exciting! i had promised him i would go, and i almost backed out of it. i told him that if mommy fell a lot, i would have to go return the skated immediately, because my hands and arms are my livelihood, and i can't break them. everything went well, though, and i never fell. grandma and grandpa happened to stop by to see z skate, and so grandpa took the video of my skating. i had only skated ONE time previous to this time. 

sunny days

the weather was beautiful, so we got to play outside at the park. happy girl!


r came over to pick up some baby things, and little m was awake, so look who got to hold him?! so adorable! 
z and a paper cube he created.

z's paper cube.


when we began my studio's 100 day challenge, we were at day 75 for a different 100 day challenge. i finished counting the previous challenge, and so we reached 100 on this day, and celebrated by getting doughnuts. we also brought some for z's teachers at school. 

science experiments

z and s were both sick one day, so i decided to use up a bunch of easter candy with some "experiments." 
a starburst

another starburst? can't remember

two microwaved starbursts, different amounts of time, i believe - this was awhile ago

m & m in water. the m floated off in pieces up to the top. the candy shell eventually dissolved. 

we added baking soda, and vinegar, perhaps?
who knows. anyway, it passed the time. we also made banana bread the same morning. fun in the kitchen is never ending!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

dia de los ninos

a little compilation of clips from z's dia de los ninos at amiguitos. 

dancing in the morning

one morning, we were doing our Suzuki listening, and the kids just started dancing together. 

it is so sweet and precious, seeing them dance together.

tooth fairy???

z has a tooth coming in behind his baby teeth. the one tooth is now loose! it's getting looser each day. my little baby is growing up way too quickly!

z skating

upon our return to the homestead, z & i headed to skating after briefly unpacking.

the kids lined up to do a sort of obstacle course. here are some portions of z skating.

this one was fun. the first time, he fell down - pushing off & going backwards is a weird feeling! most of the kids fell. he did a great job this time. 

ride home from mt. hood

sadly, we had to drive home sunday morning, because z had skating at 2:30, and then i had to teach all my friday students at 3:30. bleah. i hate working weekends!!!

our strange kids were singing happy birthday to you, because j & i sang "happy half birthday to you" to s, because the previous day was her half birthday. they kept up their own versions for quite awhile. here is a little clip.

and then z managed to make s cry about something. i love the picture with s so unhappy, and z laughing.

c & r's wedding - the wedding

c and the little peanut. baby m was having a rough day, which didn't make it any easier for the special couple. so much excitement for little m. with lots of help, he finally slept, and everyone had a wonderful night!

me, temporarily in hiking boots for the ride up. yes, mother, i changed into more stylish footwear once the rest of the guests arrived!

the groom

d & m

a & j

m & j

j & me

after the ceremony

c helps r sit

c's toast, part 1

c's toast, part 2

c & r's wedding - snowcat ride to silcox

we met at 2pm for the snowcat ride up to sicox hut. 
the photographer

the driver is down there by the door, on the ground.

that cord is holding up the wedding dress

view out the front

bride and the sleeping munchkin

best man & musician

here is a video of the ride- very lurchy - definitely worse on the way up than on the way down.

pic of the snowcat

the outside of silcox hut

c & his brother

silcox & the top of mt. hood - looks cloudy - not boding well for the groom & best man skiing in

silcox isn't all that large. perfect size for their wedding. it took the snowcat 4 trips to bring everyone for the wedding up to the hut. 

Friday, May 02, 2014

c & r's wedding - pre wedding photos

j was due at the lodge by 11am for his best manly duties for pre-wedding photos, so he stayed home instead of going sledding, and i'm guessing had a leisurely morning getting ready after sleeping in. j took these pictures when he was "at ease."

pic in the lobby of the lodge

poor little man scratched himself at night. fillin' up on the good stuff!

awww.... cameraman, hard at work.


c looks kind of disgruntled here, but r is laughing. 

such lovebirds.

happy family.

outdoor pics. 

it was freeeeeeeezing!!!! 

love how the wind blows her hair.

c & r's wedding - sledding at white river

on saturday morning, j was due up at timberline for pictures, so the rest of us went to white river for a little sledding.

mommy + kids + mt. hood

g'ma + s

z + snowball

g'pa + z

g'pa + a cloudy snowy mt. hood

the sledding!

c & r's wedding - morning at the condo

it took us all awhile to get up and going. i couldn't decide onthe best place to go sledding. should we drive far? was there any suitable place close by? would s pee in her pants? how much food do we need? do we have all the water bottles? it's amazing we ever left the house. thankfully, we didn't need to leave the house to get a taste of the snow. our little patio bought us some time.
s & g'pa

z and g'ma

cutie pie didn't want to put on pants.

strikin' a pose.

the snow... is... cold...

a movie clip of the kids playing.