Tuesday, August 16, 2011


today was one of those days. z was really difficult. really difficult for no real reason. and he's starting to get sick. i hope i can sleep somewhat well tonight. i am exhausted.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


after a long week of more potty training, daddy took big boy z camping last night. j did some volunteer work on a bike trail with 3 of his friends at the stub stewart campgrounds, so they got a free campsite for the night. i drove out there with z and met them at 6, and then drove back into town to meet a friend for dinner at via delizia. we put z in diapers for the camping excursion. it went much better than the last one at smith rock. he was really cute & did a good job walking the quarter mile to the campsite, and ate a whole cheeseburger by himself!

z slept until 6:15 & woke up daddy. daddy said it wasn't 7am yet & to go back to sleep, and so he did! he didn't wake up again until 7:45. yay! despite the good night of sleep, both boys took a good long nap today.
z is doing fairly well with the potty training, with minimal misses. we put him in diapers for naps (although he wakes up dry) and at night. other than that, except for an excursion to the children's museum, he's been in big boy underwear the whole week, even at preschool. it's been challenging to remind him (and convince him) to sit on the potty regularly, but we're all getting more used to it.

Friday, August 05, 2011

potty training

he just woke up from his nap with a dry diaper and then peed in the potty!!!! yay! i can't tell you how many times i have put him on the potty after a dry diaper only to have him either not pee or just refuse to sit on the potty in the first place! i think it helps that i got two potty seats with a soft seat. one is for upstairs and one is for downstairs. we had a hard baby bjorn one that we used when he was 5 months old, but now he finds it too hard. we have potty seat inserts for each bathroom in the house, but he has NO interest in sitting on those right now. i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of diapers, so if it means having the multiple cushy seats, so be it! we'll be all set when baby sister is ready for this stage.
baby sister was craving some mint chocolate chip ice cream, so i picked some up at the grocery store. i offered some to z, and he's actually eating it! he usually doesn't like ice cream because it's too cold, but he is eating it now.
oh bummer... he didn't want to finish it all. i guess i'll have to help!

potty training

we've been working on potty training this week. the past two days have involved lots of bac-out, pairs of big boy underwear, and laundry. there were no "saves" yesterday until the evening, when after two days of no poop, z got that look in his eye & i made him sit on the potty. he must've lost two pounds after going! he earns 2 m&m's for peeing in the potty, and 3 for pooping. today we took him to pasitos in a diaper, but supplied lots of shorts & underwear in case they wanted to mess with training. they put him in underwear, and he didn't pee once! they put him on the potty every 30 min, but he never went. j changed him into a diaper for the ride home, and that's where he finally peed. :( but it was impressive that he was able to hold it the whole time. i think he's aware of what he's doing and capable of controlling everything - he just doesn't want to go without diapers yet. if we are at home, aside from napping or sleeping at night, he's going to have to wear big boy underpants.
i envision another massive carpet cleaning session somewhere in the near future...


last weekend we had two families over for dinner - one on friday, and one on sunday. this is from sunday's dinner. the kids began the evening not really playing together, but they sure were by the end! zane cried when it was time for them to go home. he had so much fun! he must've been really tired out from the weekend because he slept a long time that night, and napping throughout the week.

baby sister room

this package came last saturday morning, and j & z had fun putting it together. z is still enjoying the box!

baby sister room

hola mommy!

baby sister room

yay! it's all put together. what fun!


mr. berry face, after picking blackberries (and clearly eating them) with abuelo & abuela.