Sunday, February 28, 2010

milk dance

z dances with his milk in his new pjs.

when mommy naps...

the kids have fun! i found these pics on the camera when i woke up.


z plays with daddy's climbing gear.

this helmet is the perfect size! uhh... right.

he doesn't look too happy about this...

new belt

because of his big belly, z is between sizes. 24 m is too small, but 2T is often a little too large. i finally found a belt for his pants, and it helps a lot. when i first put it on him, he cried, but now he likes it. belts are fun to play with, too.

striking a pose, z style.

valentine's day

daddy made us beef wellington for valentine's dinner. here the beef filet & mushrooms are getting wrapped in the puff pastry.

daddy's hard at work!

the end result - it's gorgeous!

g'ma birthday dinner

on sat we took grandma canby out for her birthday to a mexican restaurant in canby. z is all smiles!

z give g'ma a hug.

tickle fest!


up until now, z has been sleeping in a sleep sack (think snuggie, but for baby). i had tried finding pajamas for him in the past at kohls, but everything there fit wrong & seemed uncomfortable. i found these at baby gap, and they're perfect, so now z sleeps in pajamas! they're so cute! after trying these out, i went back and got a few other cute sets.


one of my students is moving (sadly...), so the family is cleaning out their house. they gave us a large container of dinosaurs, and this is z's favorite so far.

superbowl 2010

here's z & daddy at a superbowl party. z loves potato chips! luckily z was well enough for us to go.

Friday, February 05, 2010

tinker toy invention

another one of daddy's inventions. this one is a helicopter!

sick baby.

z has been sick this week. he threw up a couple times on tues, and got a fever yesterday. it just won't stay down. mommy had to run to the store last night at 2am because he wouldn't drink the unflavored pedialyte - only likes the orange kind - and it's his comfort beverage at the moment, and we were all out. i'm sort of glad he's finally getting sick, because i know he needs to build up his immune system, but it's no fun. he's been waking up a lot the past few nights, so we're pretty exhausted.
daddy gets a hug from our sick, feverish baby.

our feverish baby did a booty dance! unfortunately we didn't get it caught on video. despite being sick, z perks up now & then, to dance, or chase mommy or daddy around the sofa.


he may not be talking much...

but he still has important things to say...

soon enough, pumpkin. soon enough!


why are you putting me in this big yellow thing?
he normally likes it, especially hearing rain through the hood.

here we are at hopworks brewery in se portland, with friends from a moms group. z is enjoying a delicious jarred dinner, before his real food arrived (we found he likes hot dogs).

mommy plays with z & talks with another mommy. this brewery has a children's play area, by which we were sitting. z did a good job of playing by himself, letting his parents enjoy their brews & some adult conversation with friends.

hair cut

mommy started to cut z's hair, but daddy disapproved, so he took over. he seemed to know what he was doing.

um, daddy, this is not what i had in mind. please fix it now!!!

we don't let z watch tv or videos yet, but we found that this 6 minute pink panther clip online kept him occupied long enough for j to finish the job.


we all went for a walk in our "neighborhood." not many good flat areas for walking & running. very hilly. this was taken on a pedestrian bridge. z liked the big posts on the bridge, which were luckily not narrow enough for him to fit through.