Tuesday, January 29, 2013


both kids are sick. z has had a cough since two fridays ago, and he's had a fever the past two days. last night he kept coughing & gagging. we finally gave him steroids at 5am today because his cough turned croupy. after his nap today, his temp was higher than 103. it was close to normal at bedtime after doing ibuprofen/tylenol, staggering them every 2 hours. i kept z home from school today, and we'll skip gymnastics tomorrow. z has TWO humidifiers running in his room. we've been doing a lot of tv & movie watching. i look forward to steroid rages in the coming days - it's always been a bit delayed. today his behavior wasn't too bad. he was really excited because i let him stay dressed in his pajamas while we visited the starbucks drive thru (mommy needed coffee). he was really excited before going (because i promised them both a small vanilla scone) and was shouting and yelling, so s started getting really excited and bouncing up and down, and giggling. so cute!
no pics for today. off to bed.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

follow me!!!

please follow my blog!

s is 15 months old today!!! happy 15 month birthday to her!
i can't believe i haven't blogged since christmas eve. life has been busy.
today z woke up early early, despite going to bed late late due to a parent's night out at his preschool. s woke up earlier than usual, too. j got to sleep in a little, and then he took z & s to z's swimming class while i got a late morning nap. i made my very first lemon meringue pie during nap time, and neighbor p came over for a play date. we had yummy pot roast for dinner, and everyone liked the pie, especially daddy!!! he had seconds. i'll post pictures later. z enjoyed watching the wizard of oz and eating some popcorn until bedtime. s enjoyed the popcorn, too, but she is so sloppy when she eats it! there's a huge mess for me to clean up tomorrow morning. i was very proud of myself for finally getting new 2013 filing folders into our filing cabinet. now on to doing taxes... yuck.
anyway, here are some cute pics of s from the past month.

being tortured in the car wash.

getting into trouble at grandma & grandpa's house

on a little walk with mommy