Tuesday, July 28, 2009


on saturday, j, z, & i headed to canby for dinner with j's brother & family, his mom, and grammy.  here are some pictures...

z hugging his cousin...

z is always mesmerized by ceiling fans.

two cousins.  

j, grammy, & z.

fun with daddy

z was having so much fun playing with daddy, i just had to take a picture...

oregon brewers festival '09

this past weekend was the oregon brewers festival, and j & i went friday afternoon with z.

 my two cool dudes!

z is flirting with the little girl in the back of the picture.  (and playing with daddy's mouth...)

here are some cute videos of z dancing to the band that was strolling the grounds... turn up the volume the whole way for maximum effect!

fun at grandma's

last week, grammy was visiting from missouri.  z & i went down on friday to play in canby.

here's a pic of my cutie!

z was having fun playing in a drawer.  here he is actually freestanding (i'm not touching him).  this is the first time he did it for more than 4 seconds!  he's working on walking already, even though he can't crawl yet.

z loves "playing" the piano.

z's face is sooo funny mid-swing!

grandma & grandpa just got a kiddy swing, and z had so much fun swinging!

new things in the house...

z loves the washing machine.  all of a sudden, at 9 months, he's noticing all sorts of things he never saw before.  curtains, plugs, wires, cabinets...  all of these things he never batted an eye at.  now he can't leave them alone!  

Monday, July 27, 2009

n & p's wedding

the weekend after the trip to tahoe, j & i flew to calgary, leaving z in the care of my parents in tigard.  i cried after dropping z off.  :(  the first night we enjoyed a nice dinner at a steak house, and lots of sleep.  we woke up late the next morning & got ready to attend the wedding of n & p.  the service was orthodox ukrainian.  very interesting.  i, unfortunately, forgot the camera.  oh well.  the reception didn't start until 5:30, so j & i went back to the hotel, changed in to normal clothes and saw the movie bruno.  it was the 2nd movie we saw that week, as on the previous sunday in tahoe, we saw the hangover (while my parents watched z).  such luxury!!!   anyway, here's a picture of the lovely couple at the head table at the reception.  

the three musketeers??

funny pic!  

true p fashion.  

these were the favors - boxes of these m & ms.  very cute!

p & n's first dance.  

n dances with some cute little girls.  the band was a polka band.  very fun.

j dances with the bride's mother.  you can see j in the background & a sliver of a's dress.

b strikes a pose...

j & a

this little girl was so cute, and the band was rockin'!

poor little cute girl.  we still can't believe i got this on video.  don't worry.  everyone involved was just fine!  


this was z's first time eating a dill pickle.  grandma was expecting a worse reaction... she was disappointed.

teething biscuit

um... is this all you're going to feed me???


usually, z's grandparents come to watch him to give me some free time to sleep or catch up on work.  z loves his grandparents!

lake tahoe

on our last day in tahoe, we did a mini photo session with z.  

z is strikin a pose...

start 'em young!  

i love rock climbing, daddy!


me, mommy, & lake tahoe 

i love my mommy!  she's so nice.

lake tahoe

my brother treated us all to lunch on their last day in tahoe.  thanks e!  

lake tahoe

daddy was playing around with z on the bed.  he started doing this nose dive thing, & then ending in a fit of giggles when daddy played peekaboo with him.

lake tahoe

one day we spent a little time wandering around heavenly village, one of the resort areas.

z loves balloons!

lake tahoe

Here's J at the beginning of day 2 of climbing at Lover's Leap - here he's looking confident and getting ready to tackle "Traveler Buttress"

And here's J at the crux of Traveler Buttress - getting schooled.
After some struggling and suffering, J & C made it to the top of the route, all the way up the main wall - here is a view from the top, showing The Line & Pop Bottle, that J & C climbed the day before
Enjoying a hard-earned snack at the top of the cliff:
And here's a view of the Main Wall, from the base - Traveler Buttress goes basically right up the middle of the picture, to the top.

lake tahoe

one night, c cooked a delicious dinner for us.

lake tahoe

Looking back down from about halfway up the cliff

Here's C topping at on "The Line"

Looking back up at one of the routes we climbed - if you zoom in and look real close you can see climbers in the middle of the wall, where we were.

more climbing pictures, of what daddy was doing.

z had fun swinging at a park in south lake tahoe one morning.