Monday, June 17, 2013

vacuuming and butterflies

z vacuuming his room on cleaning day

almost finished, fella!

the butterflies have hatched!!!!

family walks

 for awhile, the weather was absolutely spectacular, so we began taking family walks around the neighborhood after dinner. 

on one of the walks, s began walking backward down the hill. it was the cutest thing!

nyc trip 2013

view of lincoln center plaza

same view, with more sky scrapers

view to the right of the window (west?)

this was my first trip away from the kids for more than one night, whereas j has had several. i was really nervous about all aspects of it, but everything went smoothly, and it was all worth the stress. it was difficult leaving nyc, where i was free to do whatever i wanted whenever, but this was really nice to come home to. i missed my family a lot, but it really helped to do facetime with them pretty much every night. i saw this message written on the floor of the garage when i returned home. so sweet!

nyc trip 2013

i managed to make it out to j's neighborhood for a quick dinner, and i finally got to meet her husband, i (and see baby a again)! a is the easiest, best baby ever!

baby a, j, & i

my friend, s, whom i met first at c.i.m. we were roommates at a music festival in israel! she was doing the starling-delay symposium, too, but she actually lives in nyc.

friend, a, whom i also know from c.i.m. he's a cellist on faculty at oberlin college. on our walk out to this thai restaurant, i ran into slick again, and got to see his very pregnant (due in july) wife s, as they were out on one of their last dates before adding another bundle of joy to their lives (they already have a daughter).

quick lunch with s, n, & k (whom had just given a rocking lecture on bach!), before taking off for the airport. n was so kind to ride with me to my last train to be sure i didn't get confused.

nyc trip 2013

i had a manhattan in manhattan!

dinner with j. his girlfriend was busy that night, but he convinced me to travel out to brooklyn to see her after a long walk in central park.
i saw so many friends, squeezed into coffee time, lunch, and quick dinners. unfortunately i forgot to get pictures with schlaave, j's girlfriend k, my old student c, and slick. :(

nyc trip 2013

the juilliard school, behind the lawn sculpture park thing
 on tuesday, i was free in the morning, so i met up with friends n & j for a late brunch in central park. unfortunately it started raining, but we didn't melt.
mama j, with baby a

i totally got my baby fix, holding little a. what a cutie!!!

my view from the dorm room at night.

nyc trip 2013

 on memorial day, i flew to nyc, leaving s in the care of grandma while j & z made the trek home from smith rock. that flight was one of the bumpiest flights i've ever been on. this is a view of my beautiful single (how luxurious - no roommate!) dorm room in the genuine juilliard dorms. the mattress was so hard, i got bruises on my hips. i ended up borrowing a blanket and better pillow from a friend. stellar view, though!
 after checking in at the dorms & dropping off all my stuff, i made the trek out to my friend m's beautiful home in brooklyn. here is is wife, a, giving their daughter, v, a bath.
fun in the water - and that is a LOT of water!

little v looks a little confused. she probably doesn't understand why in the world i'm watching her take a bath. poor thing. she won't remember this when she's older. she just turned two years old, so she's just a little older than s.

my friend m, and his beautiful russian mother. m moved to the usa as a child. fun fact - he attended the nyc high school portrayed in the tv show, "fame."

that's the new world trade center, off in the distance, in the middle of the picture. m prepared the most amazing meal for us. i know him from school at c.i.m. i hope he and his family can come visit us in oregon some time!

j's 36th birthday

we went out for dinner in lake oswego on j's actual birthday. here he is with a special birthday sundae.

z is helping daddy eat the special treat!

s enjoyed a taste, too! both kids were troopers, eating out on a weeknight.

memorial day weekend 2013

there was a special message for mommy...

memorial day weekend 201

z loves camping!

marshmallow-y goodness

the three climbers - j, z, & p

memorial day weekend 2013

j was playing a game with z called chubby bunnies. you stuff tons of marshmallows in your mouth, and then try to say, "chubby bunnies." stupid fun, but still funny.

memorial day weekend 2013

z has fun with fire...

roasting marshmallows

memorial day weekend 2013

z, with daddy belaying
z & friend p
z climbing
z giving the famous paul perrault thumbs up
 j took z to smith rock for climbing on memorial day weekend, along with climbing friend j & his son, p. i stayed home with s.

kids playing

at the beginning of playing together

z kept pulling the phone away, so s had to lean farther and farther
the kids love playing on daddy's old phone. it has a little cat you talk to that repeats what you say in a really high voice.

Monday, June 10, 2013

daddy birthday

happy birthday, daddy!


these caterpillars came from grandma. thank you!!!

kids playing

thinking outside the box

 some examples of creative thinking while parenting. toddler doesn't understand the concept of reusable popsicle sticks and throws them out? use pacifiers and spoons instead.

son wants to build a rocket using a toilet paper ring? voila.


one of my student's parents works for nike, and they were given some additional passes to the nike employee store, so she gave one to me. sweet! we love the clothes. i can wear many styles in the golf line for teaching, and it's very packable and usually good for playing with the kids. my mom was kind and watched s while j & i went shopping. this is one of the outfits we got for s, shoes and all. so cute!

mother's day 2013

i had a lot waiting for me when i returned from a morning run on mother's day. iced decaf americano, bacon, pastries from ken's artisan bakery... what more could one want? then j sent me off wine tasting with a few friends, and then we saw iron man 3 before returning home for dinner with the whole family. what a fun day!

outdoor dining

the three of us

mommy kissing z

z butterfly kissing mommy

outside dining

 s has a new way of eating an ice cream cone- with her pointer finger.

i tried to get her to take a bite of the ice cream cone, and z followed suit. then both kids started chomping at each other, but unfortunately it did not affect s's way of consuming the ice cream cone. she still used her finger. sigh.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

goodbye, persia.

 we had to say goodbye to our lovely little persia two days ago, and we are so so so very sad about it. on thursday night, i noticed she was just sitting on our bathmat, not responding to the kids' shouting (which usually sends her scurrying). j tried feeding her kitty treats, which she usually gobbles down immediately, but she just left them on the ground. j took her in to see the vet the next day, and he confirmed our fears - her kidney disease had taken over, and it was time to say goodbye. all four of us went back in the afternoon after my teaching was finished, and said our goodbyes. j stayed with persia until she was on her way to kitty heaven. she was the sweetest kitten, and she had a great life. she was with us for three houses. we will really miss her.