Monday, June 17, 2013

nyc trip 2013

i managed to make it out to j's neighborhood for a quick dinner, and i finally got to meet her husband, i (and see baby a again)! a is the easiest, best baby ever!

baby a, j, & i

my friend, s, whom i met first at c.i.m. we were roommates at a music festival in israel! she was doing the starling-delay symposium, too, but she actually lives in nyc.

friend, a, whom i also know from c.i.m. he's a cellist on faculty at oberlin college. on our walk out to this thai restaurant, i ran into slick again, and got to see his very pregnant (due in july) wife s, as they were out on one of their last dates before adding another bundle of joy to their lives (they already have a daughter).

quick lunch with s, n, & k (whom had just given a rocking lecture on bach!), before taking off for the airport. n was so kind to ride with me to my last train to be sure i didn't get confused.

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