Sunday, June 09, 2013

goodbye, persia.

 we had to say goodbye to our lovely little persia two days ago, and we are so so so very sad about it. on thursday night, i noticed she was just sitting on our bathmat, not responding to the kids' shouting (which usually sends her scurrying). j tried feeding her kitty treats, which she usually gobbles down immediately, but she just left them on the ground. j took her in to see the vet the next day, and he confirmed our fears - her kidney disease had taken over, and it was time to say goodbye. all four of us went back in the afternoon after my teaching was finished, and said our goodbyes. j stayed with persia until she was on her way to kitty heaven. she was the sweetest kitten, and she had a great life. she was with us for three houses. we will really miss her.

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