Monday, June 17, 2013

nyc trip 2013

 on memorial day, i flew to nyc, leaving s in the care of grandma while j & z made the trek home from smith rock. that flight was one of the bumpiest flights i've ever been on. this is a view of my beautiful single (how luxurious - no roommate!) dorm room in the genuine juilliard dorms. the mattress was so hard, i got bruises on my hips. i ended up borrowing a blanket and better pillow from a friend. stellar view, though!
 after checking in at the dorms & dropping off all my stuff, i made the trek out to my friend m's beautiful home in brooklyn. here is is wife, a, giving their daughter, v, a bath.
fun in the water - and that is a LOT of water!

little v looks a little confused. she probably doesn't understand why in the world i'm watching her take a bath. poor thing. she won't remember this when she's older. she just turned two years old, so she's just a little older than s.

my friend m, and his beautiful russian mother. m moved to the usa as a child. fun fact - he attended the nyc high school portrayed in the tv show, "fame."

that's the new world trade center, off in the distance, in the middle of the picture. m prepared the most amazing meal for us. i know him from school at c.i.m. i hope he and his family can come visit us in oregon some time!

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