Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wedding weekend

all in all it was a great weekend, but busy. i was on call the wedding night, and z woke up screaming at 12:15am, so i had to get up & read books, feed him, set him on the potty, and read another book before putting him back to bed. i was freezing, so i had to take a hot shower to stop shivering (i think i was still chilled from standing in line at voodoo doughnuts, all for nothing). z woke up again screaming at 3:30am, but it didn't necessitate getting up. j got up with him when he woke up at 7am to let me sleep longer, but i couldn't sleep. uncle j & j came over to check out our house before going to canby for a post-wedding brunch. we headed out soon after, & met up with friends & family. z had a good time seeing his cousin one last time, and enjoyed the grandparents' swing. it was a gorgeous day! z fell asleep on the way back, & continued sleeping for awhile. i met up with a friend for an impromptu pedi, and j relaxed at home. i was super super exhausted from the week/end, and barely found the energy to go grocery shopping sunday night. this next weekend is just as busy, with a night out friday, a baby shower & a brunch with neighbors saturday, and my studio recital on sunday.
i'm off to bed to rest up!

wedding weekend

the ceremony...

j escorted his mother down the aisle

bridesmaid c & k

me... not my best look

best woman j

the bride

the married couple

me & my escort

wedding weekend

desserts from pix patisserie instead of cake.

sadly, the caramel chocolate one was gone before i got to try some. and i was going to skip dessert altogether, because i assumed we'd get voodoo doughnuts afterwards, but there ended up being too long of a line. i've been craving a portland creme for a LONG time. :(

wedding weekend

these pics are from "backstage," the ladies' room. some scrumptious treats...

two bridesmaids and the bride

the beautiful bride in her beautiful dress

posing for the photo shoot

j, the one who ran the whole show, is on her knees trying to remove dirt from the dress from the photo shoot before the ceremony.

apple fan

my son LOVES apples! he eats one pretty much every day. i don't even need to slice it up (although it ends up being cleaner that way).

wedding weekend

this past weekend was m & j's big wedding. we had a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner friday night. i was a bridesmaid for the first time in my life, and j had a reading to do. we took z along with us to both things, which kept us fairly distracted. he had fun, though!

j's aunt j gave z this bear. he LOVES it! it's become his huggle buggle bear.

someone likes hanging out sans diaper.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stay at home...

my husband is re-thinking his career path.
or perhaps he has a new appreciation for me.
in any case, he sent me this link.

new tooth!

our little guy loves playing in the spice drawer while mommy is busy, and he spilled lavender everywhere this weekend. oh well. now it smells pretty whenever i vacuum.
i took him to a pediatric dentist this morning, because he's been particularly obstinate when we've tried to brush his teeth. we don't have dental insurance for him at the moment because our dentist said visits weren't necessary until kids are 3 or so, but we'll add him as soon as we can. we went to dr. stafford at world of smiles dentistry. the practice was very kid friendly, and there was no scary chair in the room we were sent - just one of those large puffy cushion things. z struck his bachelor pose & hammed it up for the camera, actually smiling when the assistant took his picture & said "smile"! he was so cute! not so much when the dentist came in & demonstrated how j & i need to brush his teeth. z hated it & cried the whole time & didn't settle down until we were back in the waiting room. the dentist was able to see that his first (of the second set of molars) molar is coming through on the left side. all his other teeth came in clusters, so i'm assuming the last 3 will follow quickly. perhaps that's why this cold seems to be dragging on - i think teething can sometimes cause runny noses. he's on iron drops at the moment, which are staining his teeth pretty badly, so whenever he's ready for it, he'll need a deep cleaning to remove it. she spread some sort of fluoride treatment on his teeth. z got some free stuff with his visit - a globe beach ball, a little ducky for bath time, a tooth brush, and a fancy spinning tooth brush (because we had a coupon). we have another visit scheduled 6 months from now, so perhaps then we can start trying some flossing. i figure it'll take him a month to stop crying from the brushing - yay! not fun to go through, but better now than when he's older.

Friday, April 16, 2010

18 months old!

ah, the final post. it had been 1.5 months since i last blogged. life has been busy. lots of outings, skiing, easter, throwing showers, hair appointments, shopping for greatly needed clothes... no rest for the wicked. i've had to work every weekend in april, with no end in sight until the studio recital on may 2. piano rehearsals are this weekend. z is 18 months now. he had his 18 month doctor's appointment on tuesday. he's been sick ever since spring break week. at the appt, they told us to give him emergen-c daily to try to boost his immune system to hopefully kill the cold. we've also started him on daily multivitamins & fish oil. we're cutting down on how frequently we let him eat, and we now make him walk everywhere, especially up & down the stairs. there has been lots of whining this week, but he's getting faster at getting around. on wednesday i took z to the zoo, and he walked almost everywhere, wanting to push his little stroller all by himself. he took much more interest in the animals this time, compared to the last time we went. we have a membership to both the zoo & the children's museum, so it makes it easy to just spend an hour at a time at either place. a couple weeks ago z & i began two classes together - an art class, and a music together class. he isn't too interested in the art projects yet, and the teacher isn't so good at picking age appropriate tasks. she was under the impression that finger painting was just for babies, that it was too boring for 18-24 month olds. WHAAAT??? z is just getting started with that stuff. it's still good for him to be around the other kids. he gets a lot more out of the music together classes. we have a cd we have to listen to daily for the class, so that the music is familiar, so we have one for the car & one for the home. i have most of them memorized already. just in the past few days z has started talking more. he's much more willing to try to say words, to match the sounds. he can now say byebye, and i swear he tried saying spider & carrot today. we're trying to give him healthier foods - i thought we were already doing a great job with that, but evidently cheerios & granola bars are junk food according to our doctor. i now slice apples to take along for snacks, and he eats a lot of carrots with nut butters. tofu & bbq sauce has been a big hit this week. i researched some "toddler" recipes online, so i'll try them out on him later this weekend. j & i were worried about his lack of talking, but the dr says he's doing just fine, as long as he doesn't start going backwards (not saying words he's already learned). he still loves to read books, loves terrorizing vinny & pulling his tail, loves bubbles. he's making it farther, walking up the big hill in our neighborhood, and has fun drawing with chalk outside. we hope to go hiking this weekend. z has his very first dentist's appointment on tuesday. he will not let us brush his teeth much, and it's worrying me, so our doctor recommended seeing a pediatric dentist. i hope his teeth aren't too far gone, and hope she has some tips on brushing his teeth!

auntie m bridal shower

last weekend, i threw a bridal shower for m.
here are the beverages.

here's the spread, minus an awesome fruit plate from aunt c.

k, r, & r's neighbor m

j dressed z up for the event, although i'm not sure what prompted the cowboy outfit. the boys hung out in the basement most of the afternoon.

some of the attendees. in the middle is m's rehearsal wedding bouquet made from bows from the packages.

z helps clean up.

april snow

the first weekend in april was promising lots of snow in the forecast for mount hood, so z spent the night with gma & gpa tigard so that we could get up early & drive to skibowl for a morning of skiing. i hadn't been for over 2 years. the snow was great, and it was lots of fun, but we were super tired after getting up so early (and i had to teach the night before). j had to be back to play a game of indoor soccer after the skiing. along with easter, it was a Really Busy Weekend!

more baby sitting.

march was the month for baby sitting - we were so lucky! it began with a trial run for m & j's wedding in april... we hired a baby sitter (one of gma tigard's neighbors) to watch z while we attended a futures tasting/soup dinner at the boedecker winery. she's majoring in early childhood education at pacific university, so we knew he was in good hands. z had a great time. the week of spring break, aunt melissa came over & did the bedtime routine with z while we went out for a quick dinner & dessert at papa haydn's. the next evening, gma & gpa canby watched z & put him to bed so we could go out to dinner with some friends. what a treat! thank you SO MUCH everyone!

baby sitting

z with g'pa canby, on one of their thursday morning visits.

z with his elmo doll. he doesn't know who elmo is yet. we don't let him watch tv quite yet.

a rare picture of z & gma canby. she's usually always taking the pictures!

z & his mommy.

easter 2010

we all met up at mccormick's & schmicks at bridgeport for brunch early afternoon on easter, we being j, z, & i, gpa & gma tigard, gpa & gma canby, and aunt m/uncle j.

this is a pic of j (on the right) with his big brother b. they're wearing matching suits that their grandmother made for them. z is wearing j's suit in the easter pictures. j was 2 at the time. z is not quite 18 months. z barely fit in the suit... he's bigger than his daddy!
after brunch, z loosened up a bit & had fun with his sunglasses.
the energetic shot.

the serious pose.

i'm soooo cool!

easter 2010

z's first bite of chocolate. ever. we took the contents of his easter basket away after the day was over, but he got a toy in its place.

easter 2010

z hunts for easter eggs. he loved it! we weren't sure if he was going to have fun, but he did. next year i'll try to sign him up for an easter egg hunt outside of the house.

easter 2010

z is dressed in the outfit j's grandmother made for j to wear at his aunt's wedding when he was 2 years old. i was worried because i forgot/didn't have time to get an easter outfit for z, but we didn't need one after all because this was already in his closet!

tickle fest

j was attacking z & tickling him, and z was giggling up a storm. by the time i had located my camera & started shooting, things were already dying down a bit...


fun with the finger painting. z doesn't like getting his hands dirty, though. does it more with brushes.

bend visit

z drinks his morning milk.

the two brother/dads, off for a morning bike ride together.
next time the mommies will take off, & the daddies can babysit.

bend visit

bath time. z is not having fun. he does not like sharing his bath.

cousin j's second birthday

the weekend of "spring break," we drove down to bend for z's cousin j's second birthday party.

here's the birthday boy getting ready to blow out candles.

j is opening gifts between swallows.

z sitting in the big black chair. he had fun with one of j's toys - a frog ball.

z partakes of a birthday cupcake. he likes it!

the two cousins, with the daddy brothers.

z says, gimme your cake, birthday boy!!!

the cousins are playing footsie. z still wants j's cupcake.

z & mommy, on the front porch swing.

v dinner

we had our friend v over for dinner one night, before he left to move back to albuquerque.

biking with daddy

z wasn't so happy in the beginning...

but once they got going, he had a great time - z loved it!!!