Friday, July 28, 2006

well, kids, i'm back from the honeymoon. had a great time, and will post pictures later. somehow, with all the wedding craziness, my teaching calendar disappeared, and i've been spending the past two days contacting all my students to try to reconstruct my life.
j & i just got new mobile phones at the end of june, and mine has been malfunctioning since. it turns itself off all the time. it won't turn on again unless i take out the battery & put it back in. i called the cingular people to see about replacing it, and they said "certainly. you can either wait 5 business days to get it in the mail, or pay $7.99 to have it delivered in up to two business days." what??? they sell me a product that is supposed to work, and i pay for it in faith that it is functioning - this something i use for work - and THEY do not follow through with that, hence inconveniencing me and affecting my work - and they expect ME to PAY money to have a new one delivered to me in a reasonable amount of time? i said as such, and they agreed to waive the $7.99 fee this ONE time only. well, cingular, i didn't ask for this in the first place. there better not BE a second time.