Thursday, October 10, 2013

for aunt c & j

z made this for aunt c & j, who was having a myringotomy. everything went smoothly! j can hear really well now- that's great!

caulking '13

i made j caulk some areas around the awning attachments as instructed a couple years ago by the awning guy, as the weather was actually clear last saturday evening. glad to have that done! a couple of spots in the gutter needed caulking, too. bam! one more thing marked off on the long list of house chores!
watching daddy

daddy at work

pumpkin patch '13

this is one massive movie of this year's visit to the plumper pumpkin patch, hosted by intel. we went last saturday morning, and then i taught three group classes in the afternoon. a busy day for mommy!!! so glad that weekend is over. this will not be the only pumpkin patch visit of the season. z has a field trip next friday to lakeview farms. if weather behaves, perhaps we can fit in one more visit and go to our favorite canby patch!


this is a photo of what our trash can looked like after making the favors for z's upcoming birthday party. j put them all together while i was doing the kids' bathtime. all these packets went toward "magic playdough." you can't tell what color it will be until you finish making it, and the kool aid gives it a nice scent. 


z made a rainbow at school, but it also looks like a jellyfish. z pretended to sting s, and then she would pretend to yelp in pain. they did this for a solid 5 minutes. so easily amused! 

lunchtime with s

lunchtime with s... so cute. what a sweet little girl!

new seasons fail!

this mess began as sausages, but when i turned them after the first 5 minutes, they all fell apart into this mess. disgusting. it didn't smell very good, either, so unfortunately i just threw it all away. what a waste of food and money.

new clothes!

s & i hit the ever after sale last month to stock up on 3t size clothes for her for the winter. i found this brand new back pack and lunch box for a cut rate price!

cute little apple knee socks that match the apple outfit below. her chunky little legs are SO adorable!!!

the apple outfit. she ended up wearing this for her first day of school.

another cute outfit. boots came from neighbor s next door. we've had them for 2 years, just waiting for s to grow into them, and they finally fit! 

grandpa's birthday '13

we celebrated grandpa's birthday in tigard. it was a great dinner!

cutting the cake, serving the ice cream

los abuelos

aunt m

happy s!

concentrating on the important things in life

surprise party

hanging at the nines restaurant high above the city, waiting for the birthday boy

birthday boy! happy 40th, j!

color run


one morning in september, i got up early and ran the color run with j & m. this was a really busy day! i had the race in the morning; we met up with some friends moving away for lunch at burgerville; i taught two group classes; a baby sitter came & got oriented with our house; we went to our friends' house warming party; and we showed up for a surprise 40th birthday party. whew! long day!

this is actually pre-race, too. 


what orange hair i have! happy, and at home. 

visit with grammy

s gets some love from abuela

dinner outside - it was delicious!

the kids eating

swinging & balloon fun

z and his balloons


while in vegas, j & i met up with my friend, bobby yang, and his wife, misti. bobby & i were roommates one year while i was doing graduate school at the university of michigan in ann arbor. he's a violinist with his own band, and also often performs in kevin costner's band. check bobby out at bobby yang.  after meeting for lunch, we went to play some mini golf.

the kiss golf place had a wedding chapel, where everyone was allowed to watch the weddings.

there were lots of black lights inside - classy joint!

here's a little video of our last hole. 


the only good thing about our stay at the westin in henderson was our dinner the first night. the food was delicious, and really beautiful!

our flight was late, so we arrived around 5:30, and didn't get to our hotel in henderson until around 7. the sun was setting as we drove. 


con cerveza 
 on labor day weekend, we finally used our plane tickets to vegas which we didn't get to use last december because s got me sick. we were supposed to go as a group for a friend's 30th birthday, but i caught the stomach flu the night before we were to leave. my mom got sick, too. so, we finally got to use the tickets. it was nice to get away.  

hurray for free time!

kids' crazy dance


zane made a robot!!!! all by himself!!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013



ladybug costume

looking up at big brother

striking a pose

i didn't like the lady bug costume, so i returned it. it wasn't warm enough or big enough, and she really liked z's costume, so i got her her own spiderman costume. we will have big spiderman and mini spidergirl on halloween.

s drawing

z at dinner

first day of school

here s is dressed for her very first day of school! she is wearing the backpack for fun.
 s isn't going to school by herself. she's doing one day a week, and i go with her. it only lasts 2 hours. next week they will start taking the parents out for a parent talk for a small portion of that time. 
her brand new back pack, and it has a matching lunch box (which is the only part we really use).

s and big brother, z. she's wearing her little apple hat, which doesn't really fit with the pigtails. 

bad girl

someone was left alone on the toilet, and look at what she did!!!! the toilet paper roll used to be a full one. there was a PILE of toilet paper next to her. 
we did use up the toilet paper, little by little. 



i have no idea where he got this...

saturday night

closeup cutie

other closeup cutie

dinner craziness 
monkey see, monkey do

Monday, October 07, 2013

busy saturday

this was a busy saturday. luckily j chose this weekend to stain the new siding (from replacing our bedroom window in the spring), because it was nothing but torrential downpours for the next couple of weekends. j was busy with stuff outside, and i was busy baking cupcakes & roasting veggies inside.

i made j wear a harness, so he used the couch as an anchor.

it's a long way down!

busy bumblebee

super z with a banana cupcake

random silly video...