Monday, October 07, 2013

sicky poo

i have been feeling sick to my stomach all day, so i cancelled my teaching for the day. the kids are playing well together (drawing at the moment), so i'm going to see how caught up on the blogging i can get. this weekend was busy - tons of little things to get done around the house; group class teaching on saturday; a pumpkin patch visit; church and a symphony kids concert yesterday. z totally infuriated me after our busy saturday by wiping his hot fudge drenched hands on my newly cleaned & ironed (and i never ever iron!!!) sweater as he brought me his ice cream bowl, right after i asked s to keep her hands away from me. i don't understand where that behavior comes from. i was sooo angry. it was such a long day - teaching group classes takes so much energy. his little bout of bad behavior sent me over the edge. i left the house & went for a walk in the dark, and called a friend. it was good to get some fresh air and exercise. i've been really stressed by work. too much to do, not enough time in which to do it, so it was bad timing on his part. he didn't get any dessert last night, and both j & i made it clear that his behavior was unacceptable. z was very well behaved for the kids concert, and stayed awake for the whole thing - a first! he said his favorite part was watching the dancers (there were kids in high school from a dance company called dance west performing for a few pieces), and he watched the trumpet players a lot.

i napped while s napped today - i was tired! hopefully i will still be able to sleep tonight.

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