Saturday, February 11, 2006


ugh. the work never stops. we're watching my parents' puppy for the week. the puppy tests our patience. tonight we've learned to leave the squeaky toys in the basement. started my taxes yesterday. so complicated being a musician. we took the puppy for a walk today to the park. she has so much energy for a little dog. a busy day today with rehearsing, practicing, teaching, grocery shopping, dog walking, and concertizing. I NEED A BREAK!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

not-super superbowl sunday

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. I had a concert at 2pm and a concert at 7:30pm. Not much fun, as all my normal friends were having a party I had to miss. I have a certain routine I have to go through when having double concerts on one day, and can't go through it unless at home. So, I missed Kaluha brownies, kalua pork, and possibly tons of other yummy foods. Not to mention seeing friends. It seems like I'm always missing out on the fun things with my job. I just can't get into this opposite schedule, working when most people are relaxing. But that's the nature of my job: performing for people, during their time off. I guess it would be fine if the only people I hung out with were other performers with similar schedules. Haven't done so well with the exercise routine, and today's another busy day. Morning rehearsal, a few free hours, then 3.5 hours of teaching, then a concert at 8. Tomorrow will be orchestra free, so I'll definitely cover all workout bases. I'm not sure the lifting is helping - I'm getting awfully sore in the trapezius muscles on both sides on double service days. Perhaps it just takes time to settle in. I'll do my best to keep it up & wait...
Saturday night was fun. Actually had a weekend night off - what a luxury, so I made the most of it. We made dinner for a few friends - two Canadians, and one neighbor-ish friend. The lasagna turned out ok, and the Canadians brought me some of my favorite canadian candy: coffe crisps. They claim the chocolate in Canada is creamier than in the US. For example, they've compared US Kit-Kats to Canadian Kit-Kats, and say the Canadian ones taste differently. I'll have to try it the next time I head north.