Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bad kitty

this neighborhood cat keeps pooping in our planter area, leaving dirt all over the sidewalk. bad kitty! caught it in the act!

grandma bought a large bag of fake food for z to play with. there was way more than he needed, so i sorted through it, and packaged up all the junk food & hid it away.


j went climbing the weekend after memorial day, leaving me with lots of z duty, and by last weekend i was dying, so grandma & grandpa watched z while j & i escaped to the coast for 2 nights. we went to lincoln city, and stayed in the pacific winds condos. it's most likely our only trip for the whole summer. :(
the weather was perfect, and it was very relaxing. we watched a lot of cable tv, including two world cup games.
tide is out.

sea anemones and other creatures...

here's a bit of the ocean at sunset, right outside our condo.
is that venus in the sky? that was j's guess.

more creatures?

on friday we heard animals running around in the attic again. this is a pic of j on his way to investigate. he was NOT happy. he couldn't see any creatures, so he boarded up the holes immediately.


z's new trick...

sand table

we recently got z a sand and water table, anticipating summery weather. it's mostly poured since it arrived, but we're still hopeful. this is a little video of the very first time he played in it.

dr. jeffers

grammy was in town for m's graduation from ohsu, so she came along with abuelo & abuela to watch z while i ran off to a dentist's appointment. i didn't get to see the graduation, but did get to see grammy for awhile. and i didn't have any cavities! yay me.
congrats, dr. jeffers!


on memorial day, we were having all j's soccer friends over for a bbq, involving LOTS of little kids, so we wanted to have the deck safe for everyone. we had someone fix the main supports awhile back, but filling in the gaps was relatively easy, so j did it himself. memorial day weekend, i got z duty, and j did the repairs (i did help with some of the drilling...). one of the decks still needs to be finished, but the other two are completely safe. the bbq was fun, but it was a bit of a madhouse. we had people over for dinner the night before, so i was exhausted after the weekend!

cookie monster

i made chocolate chip cookies awhile back...
here z is more interested in eating ravioli rather than the cookie that fell in his bib. he's completely unaware of it.

ahhh... now he's eating the cookie! and having fun with mommy's hat.

chocolate chip face!!!


thought i'd take z's second time out of the morning to blog. this time he was picking up cat food & moving it, and got mad when i told him to stop. i picked him up to wash his hands, and he tried to bite me. the first time out was because he was angry i wouldn't give him any more cherries. this is the first time i've bought them this season. perhaps i shouldn't have bothered. he also turned on the dishwasher, on freshly done & dried dishes, so i had to dry them all by hand before putting them away. ugh. and those had to be dried, so i could wash the dishes in the sink, so i could wash off the chicken i was about ready to put in the oven so the dishes wouldn't get chicken juice all over them. i managed to get two kitchen counters cleaned off, but he hates it when i try to get stuff done. we went to the grocery store this morning, which also counts somewhat as time not spent on him. he gets frustrated when he doesn't get attention. time out is up...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

first steps!

z took his first solo steps DOWN this morning! he made it safely down two steps, and then needed help for the last one. he's not 100% safe on his own, but he's getting there!