Monday, March 31, 2008

random thoughts.

random things i hate, and i have no idea why i have the urge to post this:
sex & the city, esp sarah jessica parker (i've never been good at being a "girly girl")
getting up early
travel/motion sickness
workers in the house
stuffy nose
reality tv, esp game shows

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bike Boxes: On the move with Mr. Smooth!

check it out - it's our own mikey!!!

new nephew!!!

and this is what came out of that baby bump!!! j.t.h., born march 24 at 5:56pm. what a beautiful little boy!!! we're so happy for you, c & b! hope you're managing new parent status. we promise not to visit until you say it's ok! :)

new nephew!!!

this is my sister in law, probably a month or less before she gave birth...

spring break '08

we're home now, back from the beach. all in all, a great trip, but too short. the condo was great. had a beautiful kitchen, nice flat screen tvs, hot tub on the balcony, telescope (although we saw no whales), card games, pool in the building. lots to do (or to choose to NOT do). we're glad to see our kittens, though. and we stopped for lunch on the way home at our favorite bbq place in dundee - huckabee's. it's right next to the argyle winery. i highly recommend the cheesy grits & the pulled pork sandwich.

spring break '08

on wed, we went for a shorter walk on the beach, because the rain kept starting & stopping. the weather wasn't cooperating. AND, we tried to get ice cream at the same close-by shop, but it was closed. :( so i made j drive farther into town to find another ice cream destination, and clearly, we were successful. see how happy it makes me?!

spring break '08

here's a pic of the dinner j created for us with frozen veggies & ravioli. great job, hubby!!!

spring break '08

j is enjoying our hot tub. it was on our balcony, so we had a great view!

spring break '08

at the end of the walk, we got ice cream cones! yay!!!

spring break '08

some pics from a walk on the beach. monday's weather was pretty great!

spring break '08

here are some pretty pictures of the sunset our first night in lincoln city.

spring break '08

we spent the past 4 nights at the coast, at lincoln city. we rented a beautiful condo on the ocean. it was really relaxing, and i'm sad it's over! this is a picture of the living room area.

backcountry skiing

last saturday, j went on another backcountry skiing outing with his friend s. it was a beautiful day!

new puffy jacket!

last friday night, j & i went to rei to use my year's dividend & 20% off coupon to purchase this awesome puffy jacket. it's filled with down, and has a water repellent coating. perfect for those cold camping nights, or for windy days at the coast! this one is actually a men's style, because the women's version didn't come with a hood.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

this isn't the best framed picture in the world... i just wanted to capture the pretty yellow trees in our neighbor's yard. today is an angry first day of spring. the sky continues to fluctuate between half cloudy/half sunny, and dark & stormy. it hailed earlier today, and the cats totally freaked out (as they always do). i don't really know what upsets them - i'm guessing it's just the percussive noise of the hail falling.

backcountry skiing

last weekend, j abandoned me for a day and went backcountry skiing. sorry about the sideways picture, but blogger insists on posting upright photos that way, without letting you rotate them. the 2nd one is of j going off a little cliff.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

puppy party.

our friends just adopted a new puppy named dolly mae, and they had a puppy party so everyone could meet her. one of her friends, daisy, was there, too. i wasn't feeling well & stayed home, but j went & got these photos. i hope to meet her soon!

a couple weekends ago we had some friends over for dinner, and we got to meet their most well behaved puppy, brian. he's a portuguese water dog. what a perfect puppy!!! he was afraid of our kitten, vinny, and vinny was afraid of him. it was cute.

oh dear...

i cannot believe how much gear my husband owns for his main hobby, rock climbing.

great dinner.

in early february, we were invited to our friends' house for dinner, and they cooked a delicious indonesian dinner. the rice was molded & presented to look like a volcano - so cute! at the end, i got my first taste of a mangosteen. the last picture is of little l with his friendly puppy piper.