Tuesday, July 31, 2012

early saturday morning, i set out a bunch of toys in an arc around s. she's almost walking on her own, but hasn't started to crawl yet (other than scooting around using 1 hand sitting on her bottom), so i was trying to encourage her to get on all fours. she started rocking, but then started doing something else...
i said, "you can do it!"
she thinks, "i can poop???!"
i said, "are you pooping?"
she thinks, grunting, "yyyyeeesssss!"
we got a bit of a date saturday afternoon. grandma came over to baby sit while j & i went to review pictures from the family photo session a few weeks ago. there are some really good ones, and we look forward to finally decorating the house a little. j was gone to the east coast last week mon-thurs, and i survived. nobody actually got sick! it was amazing!
on sunday morning, we had some friends over for brunch, and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing. we went to the little park to play for awhile, and then got a pizza.
at some point in the weekend, z got a booboo on the side of his head, right near his eye. he was hiding from us in his closet, and somehow bumped into something (laundry basket???). he emerged crying, and we saw a bump immediately forming, with a blueish hue to it. it proceeded to turn different colors the next two days. even his teachers at school on monday noticed it changing colors, and asked what had happened! when our friends asked z what happened, z said, "you should see the other guy!" :)
that wasn't without a little coaching from daddy the day before.
sloane was scared of two noisy things yesterday... it's the first time i've noticed her being scared of anything. the first was the vacuum cleaner, and the second was a dog barking. z took a tumble off his yellow bike yesterday, but no blood. he made some cute comment about hoping his neighbor k wasn't too sad playing by herself (she hadn't even been home!), because we hadn't been able to go outside to play because i had to cook dinner. he comes up with these really cute things he says... his little mind is starting to think for itself, and it comes up with all kinds of things.

Friday, July 27, 2012

new tooth!!!

s has gotten another tooth - her seventh! it's her bottom right one. i think she's working on another bottom tooth, on the left.
she's so cute! she's getting braver with her walking - sometimes walking with just holding on with one hand. she still isn't crawling yet - not able to keep her knees together.
at bath time, she doesn't mind water poured over her head. z used to hate it! she just tries licking at the drops falling over her nose & lips. she had fun splashing in the water tonight.
we have a cute little game we like to play - i touch her nose & make a noise, and then she touches my nose back. she used to just do it for me, but now she'll do it for grandma.
j successfully returned home late last night. both kids were happy to see him before nap time today!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


i purchased some popsicle makers (they're called "pops" these days, i found out), because z loves them, and i'd prefer he eat ones made from real ingredients. i initially bought a set of 4 (well, actually, j picked them out, running an errand for me), and since z liked them, i got two more sets of 6. after he had ate a couple, i couldn't find the popsicle stick parts for the life of me. i looked everywhere, but they were nowhere to be found.

i figured out tonight what had happened, when, once again, i couldn't find them when i was doing the dishes.

z has been throwing them in the trash!  
now i know, and it better not happen again.

s's 9 month bday

z made a cake today with abuelo/a while i was teaching this morning. we ate it after nap time in the afternoon, and had a mini birthday celebration for s, who is 9 months old today. i can't believe she is 3 months shy of a year old!!! after cake, we went to the children's museum, and grandma came along, too. j flies back tonight, arriving home after midnight. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


z told me, the other day, that i am good at finding things - i'm a good finder. he needed help finding his snack trap, and i found it for him. i told him, "that's what mommies do all the time. of course i'm good at finding things!"
we're always listening to kids' cds in the car, and two of them have nursery rhymes on them. he's started randomly reciting some of them. the most recent one, in his rendition, is "seesaw, soccer town, which is the way to soccer town...." can you guess which one he's doing?
s is getting very good at walking with her walker (on carpet). she needs help turning it around, though, when she runs into things.

first bike ride

s's first bike ride - she was all smiles!


s, with vinny

4th of july, '12

one of the fireworks j set off...

4th of july, '12

z was very very excited about setting off fireworks this year! he did a special excited fireworks dance.

4th of july, '12

it was hot on the 4th of july, so it was a perfect day for playing with z's sprinkler toy. z was excited! mommy & daddy, however, didn't exactly share z's enthusiasm. anyway, we began the day with the cedar hills parade. near the end of that, mommy left to go accomplish some shopping, as her jeans were getting too loose (gradually losing the baby weight!). daddy, z, & s also went to the mall to do some shoe shopping. we met up afterward, and went home together for naps. after naps was fun in the sprinkler, then dinner with uncle c & aunt r.

4th of july, '12

mommy, z, & s, at the cedar hills parade

kiss for mommy!

the firetruck, one of z's favorites!

running for candy

her eyes add the blue to her red & white...

z & daddy

all the loot!!!

sunriver '12

lunch outdoors

abuela reading bedtime stories

the cousins at the high desert museum, meeting smokey the bear

s & someone's sunglasses

last dinner, at the deschutes brewery

sunriver '12

on the way to the playground

grandma & s

s, z, & mommy

mommy, daddy, & s

z, trying new things! what a big boy!

sunriver '12

z & j having fun with the fountain at the new SHARC

s LOVES the water!!!

big j & the fountains...

sunriver '12

 cousins playing out in the back yard. we saw deer walk by several times that week.

the grand dinner!


and more violining!

s & abuelo. love her chunky legs!

all the cousins.

sunriver '12

 z and peanut butter cookies!

staying in sunriver always means lots of playtime with the cousins.
these are the little cousins! adorable!

cousins riding bikes...

cousins (and brothers) in the hot tub...

s all prepared for the sun... although it proved to be elusive that week.

z, s, & daddy.

sunriver '12

s! so cute. too bad she has to wear bibs all the time due to drooling...

s with abuelo, ready for the hot tub!

z, s, & mommy in the hot tub. it took z a long time to adjust to the heat, but s liked it right away!

z, excited about bath time in the huge tub!

sunriver '12

we left for sunriver the day after the ear tubes procedure. it wasn't the best scheduling decision in the world, as friday morning we had to get z to the hospital by 7am, and then pack for sunriver AND leave the house in cleaning condition with everything picked up, as the cleaners were to come while we were out of town. so much work! we got everything accomplished, and made it. last year, we started a tradition of stopping for ice cream in sisters. here is z with his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone! (he didn't eat it all....)

new toy

z unknowingly picked out this toy (at the time, i told him it was for a friend) as a reward for going through the myringotomy. the day of the procedure was rainy, but we let him try it out anyway. it's a little anticlimactic. he still had fun!


found a video of my little girl waving... so cute!

sibling love.

our little cuties! sometimes they play nicely together.


i can wave now!!!

pasitos school

z finished his very first year at pasitos!!

sibling love.

z loves his little sister! playing nice, at least for the moment...

we brought home j's old keyboard from canby after one visit to see abuelo/a. z loved it, but unfortunately it eventually stopped working after a couple weeks. here is a video of dancing to the beat & some experimental playing.

rainy day...

something z created on a rainy day, while i was busy washing dishes.

look what i can do!!!

new bike

z got a new bike! this was the first day he tried riding it.