Wednesday, April 22, 2009

baby ducks

it's baby duck season!!!!

i was trying to catch a picture of z's new tooth peaking through, but never caught a decent picture.  i did catch these cute ones, though.  baby feet are so precious, aren't they?
so... i'm a bit of a crazy mommy.  we've been trying EC - "elimination communication."  i'm not trying to potty train z, but just am trying to cut down on poopy & wet diapers.  we got him a toilet seat & a little potty.  i place him on his potty immediately when he wakes up from naps, & he usually will pee.  when i get really lucky, i sometimes catch poops.  sometimes he'll give clues that he needs to go after being up for awhile, and i'll make some "catches."  often not.  anyway, along the same subject... i've noticed that he's a lot more mobile when he doesn't have the huge bulky cloth diapers on.  he loves playing with his feet when not diapered, so i've let him go diaperless a little bit (if he's already pooped for the day).  i was in fred meyer late one friday night, and was walking by the baby section, so i picked up the smallest size underwear they had.  they're spiderman undies that glow in the dark.  i figured if i was letting him play diaperless, at least undies would catch a stream of pee, instead of it going absolutely everywhere, and would make it easier for him to play while diaperless.  he still needs to work on his tummy time & flipping/turning....
zane has grown out of his old car seat, and so we no longer have the luxury of rocking & swinging him to sleep in his infant car seat when out in public.  i've found that he'll fall asleep against me in my mei-tai, though, so i'm happy we've found a solution.  he barely fits in the baby bjorn...  here he is, completely passed out on his mommy.  we kept him up way past his bedtime this past weekend...

first tooth!!!

zane got his first tooth this week!  he's handling it like a champ.  we've tried some more foods - butternut squash - yay, apple sauce - nay, pears - nay (although he'll drink pear juice).  i don't plan on feeding him lots of juice, but he's had a bit of a problem with getting "bound up," and juice is supposed to help.  my students' recital was this past weekend, so i'm glad to have that behind me.  they're always a lot of extra time & work.  this week is really light teaching wise, and the weather is beautiful, so i'm enjoying life!  i had some friends over for lunch today.  it was great to catch up.  it's always a big effort to get ready to host things, but definitely worth it.  z & i have gone on a few walks (he always falls asleep).   

Friday, April 10, 2009

6 month birthday

happy 6 month birthday, z!  yay!  we haven't killed you yet!  you're still alive.  and we feel happy & blessed to call you our son.  the time, for mommy at least, has gone very slowly, but there have been things to enjoy & appreciate with each stage.  (not to mention the challenges, but...)  our beautiful 6 month old is peeing & using the potty (when we put him there in time).  he likes sweet potatoes, oatmeal, green beans, and i think his favorite is bananas.  mommy is still pumping, but just 3-4 times a day.  she is still lacking sleep, but not quite as bad as a month ago.  no teeth yet.  z is sleeping fairly well, although it could always be better.  and he seems to have nightmares.  he'll start screaming for 1-2 minutes, usually around 9-10pm, only to have it stop as abruptly as it started.  mommy got a night out tonight with a friend, while friend's boyfriend had a playdate with daddy.  mommy went to everett street bistro - pretty good, at least great manhattans!  - and ended with voodoo doughnuts for everyone.  not a big fan of the triple chocolate penetration, but liked the portland creme thing, the ducky one, and the elvis one.  tomorrow brings 6 straight hours of piano rehearsals.  oh dear.