Tuesday, April 29, 2014

easter 2014

z wakes up a sleepy s.

here's a movie clip of z waking s up, and then the kids walking upstairs to find the easter eggs & baskets.

 s went from looking like this...

to looking like this young lady.

i love the back of her dress. i actually curled her hair - i think it turned out quite well!

can you see her rain boots?

hunting for eggs

this is soooo sweet!!!

here's a movie clip from the egg hunt in canby. 

z & biking

z was really excited because he was finally able to make it up the hilly side of our little cul de sac for the first time. somebody else did something for the first time, too, at the end of the clip. lots of possibilities, now that the island was cleaned up by all the neighbors.

dyeing easter eggs 2014

this year, i tried making my own dyes. i used yellow and red onion skins, beets, spinach, red cabbage, and turmeric. 
z and the eggs

eggs are sitting in the dyes

oohh - pretty! i think that was from the red onion skins. 

another good one, from the yellow onion skin.

all the eggs

z & s had fun with the leftover dye.

playing with the dye in the sink.

i let the kids do a watercolor painting outside with some of the leftover dye.

this was our dinner that night. leftover curried meatballs, roasted cabbage, and beets. nothing got wasted. my freezer is filled with frozen chopped onions, for future use. i froze them in muffin tins. 

outside projects

we had dirt delivered for filling the new raised beds - the whole family watched - so exciting!

there are the cute little snow pea plants, waiting to move into their new home.

my own little sweet peas!

j and his creation!

new boards, replacing the rotten ones. very pretty.

z's third recital

grandpa is trying to keep s entertained.

daddy & z

waiting to perform...

it's go time!

s is behaving well.

waiting to go to burgerville - fun with daddy's ipad

so cute!

z's performance - watermelon huckleberry twinkle

an extra little movie snuck in by daddy...

i am a robot

the kids both wanted to be robots. s had a turn, and then she was forced to give z a turn (and was NOT happy about it!!!). 

z learns to cross his eyes, an important skill for a 5 year old.

Monday, April 28, 2014

daddy daughter time

j & s had some bonding time.

s says she has five buttons. her little face is so adorable!

here is a little movie clip of the two of them.

first haircut for s

j took both kids to my hair stylist for a haircut. sadly, she could only fit them in on a friday afternoon, so i couldn't go because i was teaching.

kids entertained by an old smartphone waiting for their turn with t.

s's turn!

first haircut ever!

t gave s a big brush to help hold her attention. she had lots of fun with it. she had never seen anything like that before!

shaggy z is ready for his turn

happy s. she survived! yay!

my son, the bunny

at school, the kids made bunny ears for pascua. z didn't get his finished at school, so he brought it home. 

here you can see the decorated part. i was cleaning up glitter for a week afterward!

healthy s

here is a healthy s, playing after school on the playground. she is sitting on part of a big climbable fish.

sick s

 poor s was sick for awhile. it began with coughing, and crusty eyes, and after about a week, she got a fever. the fever lasted a few days, and she also threw up a couple times. 
i finally took her to see the doctor, two days in a row. she had a bad ear infection, at that point. 
she's sleeping on towels on the floor because she threw up all over me earlier. poor thing was watching tv, and didn't feel well enough to sit up, so i brought her a pillow. next thing i knew, she was asleep.

cleaning the skylight

on one sunny afternoon, the kids played outside while j & i got lots of work done.

s had a fever this day, i believe, but she still had fun outside.

j cleaned the skylight.

hi j! are you having fun up there? please be careful!

i just had to take a little movie of j cleaning the skylight. the kids are in it, too. pretty cute.

ice skating

here's a little movie clip of z skating all by himself around the rink for the very first time! look for the tiny guy in a yellow helmet.

z art

here are some pics of art z made at school, still hung up at his school. they invite the parents to look at the art before it gets taken down at the end of the month. 

seeds planted

z spent one night at abuelo & abuela's house in canby the week of spring break. while there, he planted seeds with abuela, and he brought some of the starters home. they are now planted out in our new raised beds.