Thursday, October 23, 2014

oaks park 2014

upon our return from seaside, we did the fastest job of unpacking and starting laundry possible, and made our way to oaks park, an amusement park in portland. we had cheap passes from the kids' summer reading program. it was so much fun! i didn't have a ride bracelet, because we didn't want to spend the money in case s didn't want to ride anything. she had a great time, though, so i spent a lot of time watching and taking pictures. i was sad to have missed the rides. :(  
right at the end, though, a nice guy allowed me to ride the carousel. 

silly fun 

my little band majors!

fierce fighter

check out the proportion of the size of the ride to j. for some reason, she wasn't allowed to ride this one alone, so j had to squeeze in next to her. 

a nice montage of all the rides...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seaside 2014

we stopped at camp 18 for lunch on our way back home. the food was yummy!
j & z have fun while waiting for food.

the kiddos were OUT on the drive home after lunch!

seaside 2014

z models s's sunglasses - perfect fit, eh?

somebody is really enjoying his marinara!

yay - cheesy pasta!

my sweethearts

the boys + dessert

at sunset


fun in the sand

burying sister s

which world is real?

kite flying

breakfast date

here we are, on our date at the industrial cafe. 
j had a bloody mary.

i had a manmosa - a mimosa with vodka. 
if i recall correctly, we had an amazing breakfast burrito and corned beef hash. i would love to go back there soon!

creating slime

los abuelos came to visit one morning when j was on vacation and when both kids were home, so j & i went out for a breakfast date. the kids had fun making slime!

z has green, his favorite color.

abuelo helps.

it's looking slimier!

wow - this stuff is cool! 

what would a visit from the abuelos be if it didn't include reading with abuelo???

fun with the slime.

z assembles the hungry hungry hippos.
thanks for the breakfast date, abuelos!

dental appointment

z is being really well behaved for his dental checkup. i have no picture of s because she was not cooperating, and she had to lie on my lap. 

the other half during the girls weekend

while i was in black butte, the kids were in canby with j. 
z does violin, and s plays on the computer.

yummy meal!

exercise is very important!

fun in the bath

sibling love

my little climber #1

my little climber #2

my cutie ninjas!

clear lake hike

one weekend, we went away to black butte for a mini vacation, thanks to the kindness of c's family. 
we went for a hike around clear lake. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

summer fun

one friday evening, j had his work colleagues over for dinner. their families were supposedly invited, but nobody got the memo, and all the wives/children/partners stayed home, except for one daughter. not the most fun family evening, but oh well - won't do that one again.
the kids watched a movie, while the adult males ate out on the deck and i... felt like hired help. 

the next day was beautiful, and we had fun playing outside. 

the neighbor's new puppy provided lots of entertainment. 

nothing spells "FUN" like a ride in the wagon....