Thursday, October 23, 2014

oaks park 2014

upon our return from seaside, we did the fastest job of unpacking and starting laundry possible, and made our way to oaks park, an amusement park in portland. we had cheap passes from the kids' summer reading program. it was so much fun! i didn't have a ride bracelet, because we didn't want to spend the money in case s didn't want to ride anything. she had a great time, though, so i spent a lot of time watching and taking pictures. i was sad to have missed the rides. :(  
right at the end, though, a nice guy allowed me to ride the carousel. 

silly fun 

my little band majors!

fierce fighter

check out the proportion of the size of the ride to j. for some reason, she wasn't allowed to ride this one alone, so j had to squeeze in next to her. 

a nice montage of all the rides...

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daddy said...

great video mommy!