Tuesday, November 04, 2014

By Daddy:

Tonight, our son chastised me.
He lectured me on eating too many cookies.

Apparently, someone has been insinuating that maybe daddy eats too many of the cookies that mommy makes.
so Z says I'm a cookie monster - AND that I get to go out on special dinners too.
"why do you do that? do you want it to be UN-FAIR???" he asks?

About this time, I also noticed that he was giving this speech with his hands planted somewhat awkwardly on his hips.
"did you mom teach you to do that?" I asked?
"No, I just made this up!"

So, now, according to the resident 6 year old, daddy is not allowed to have any more cookies if he keeps going out to special dinners for work.

of course, what started this was that he saw me eating a cookie.  he proceeded to grab the other cookie that I had sitting on the counter, and run off and hide it, until after dinner, at which point he asked if he could eat it....really, at that point, was there any way I could say no?

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