Sunday, November 23, 2014

z turns 6

we woke up early on z's birthday so that he could open presents before driving up to ellensburg, wa. i had a teaching workshop to attend there, with a lecture starting at 1pm.

 z opens some presents

z & s are excited!!!
 we stopped at a starbucks in hood river, or for some coffee for mommy and chai for daddy and snacks for everyone. 
s loves her cake pop!

z is happy to be out of the car and eating a treat.
 s soon fell asleep in the car, and z was content just watching the scenery. it was pretty amazing - starting in the gorge, then seeing everything flatten out a bit, but then crossing into washington state into the land of rolling hills and WINDMILLS, before dropping down into the canyon of ellensburg. 
the teacher workshop was well worth the drive, and the kids had fun swimming. 

we had a ridiculously long wait for dinner, but the kids behaved and we all survived, and i was very happy to sink into bed that night. 

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