Sunday, November 23, 2014

black butte 2014

after four days and three nights of camping, we were pretty stinky and dirty, so we were glad to have the opportunity to stay in black butte for a few nights with the cousins. we had fun swimming and hiking and feeding fish and watching movies. thanks to aunt c and her family for letting us visit!
the cousins.

silly pic.

look how tall i am!

uncle b took a turn helping to carry s. he spent the time teaching her a key phrase... you can hear it in the movie clip down below.

yay! b is awesome!

s says uncle b's favorite sentence...

j spent a good portion of the vacation to central oregon practicing his slack lining skills. he's done well!!!

the cousins enjoy watching a movie together.

we took one last walk the night before we left. it would've been fun to spend another night and day there, but we had laundry to do, new schools to get updates on, and a house to tend to. up until that trip up to paulina peak, z was going to attend kindergarten at amiguitos. everything changed very quickly!

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