Wednesday, November 26, 2014

s's 3rd birthday

z made pancakes all by himself othe day beofre s's birthday 
z is getting ready, donning his new apron and hat. s wanted to play with the oven mitts.

s is learning from the master chef.

z stirs and stirs

z pours and pours

grandma brought over an early birthday present for s, which turned out to be...

a tinkerbell costume!!!

s's 3rd birthday!

s & daddy

big brother helps read a card

s's cake, made by aunt r

s's cake

so sweet!

z, in his school shirt

lit candles

singing to the birthday girl

blowing out candles

big brother had to help with the trick candles

a whole cake layer just for me!!!


opening presents

onlooking grandparents

dr. aunt m takes a swing

the birthday girl swings

z swings

mommy swings

s and z swing

uncle a has fun, and uncle j finishes it off. treats go flying, including treats for adults as well as kids

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