Sunday, November 23, 2014

autumn festival

there was an autumn festival the last weekend in september. i had to teach until 6:30, but z, s, & j ate dinner at the festival. i ate a pathetic little frozen dinner at home quickly. 

here is z's class singing. it's hard to see him, but he is there. 

z is near the middle of the stage, wearing a red and blue striped sweater. 

happy after the performance. 
after the performance, we zipped home, finished packing up the car, and started driving out to fort stevens, on the coast. it was way too much stuff on the weekend for my taste, but we had reserved the deluxe cabin a long time ago, and didn't know we would have this school function. we didn't want to skip the function, being new to the school, and didn't want to forfeit $ for the cabin, so we did both. 

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