Sunday, November 23, 2014

canby pumpkin patch 2014

the following weekend was beautiful, so we decided to take advantage of it and visit the canby pumpkin patch. abuela and dr. aunt m came along. it was the night before the big marathon, and m could use a distraction.

me & kids

j & kids

s eats kettle corn

z, trying not to smile too much

s & m

me & s

rare pic of abuela!!! i think i took this picture...

z feeding goats

s feeding goats

z & s in front of the pumpkin train

z on top of the pyramid

s, trying to copy big brother

our little family!

dr. aunt m goes where i refuse to go... thank you!!!

me and s

z and me

z's lookin a little tired
 we all had fun, and as usual, ate way too much kettle corn. i'm glad we went this weekend because we were too busy the following weekends. thank you very much to abuela and aunt m for the wonderful pictures!!!

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