Friday, November 30, 2012


z saw his first rainbow this morning - the first one he has noticed in his life! it was at the end of our street. i saw it again later, after dropping him off at pasitos. special moment!

i got an iphone 5 yesterday. i was previously using some android. j upgraded his android in july, so it was my turn. it's a bit of an adjustment moving to the apple device. this probably wasn't the best move on my part, as nov & dec are super busy, especially this weekend. lots of things to do, and now more things to figure out!

i had a fun birthday two days ago. i'm now a year older, and hopefully a year wiser... more details to come on thanksgiving & all when time permits.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

el otono


s the builder

can she fix it? YES she can!!!

picking up

picking up is twice the work with s "helping" out. gotta love the little cutie, though.

bath toy

fun with a birthday gift. i never had such fun bath toys when i was little! lucky little s.

fun with daddy

giggle tickle

halloween 2012

z & his old favorite costume, which is way too small for him!

z & mommy, carving pumpkins

s, carving pumpkins (no, she didn't actually do this...)

z, s, & neighbors, dressed for trick or treating 2012

s's 1st birthday

ladybug cake!

the partygoers

birthday girl

s loves grandpa!

check out that belly button!

s & cake

lighting the candle

blowing out the candle, and the cute belly button again!

tasting the ladybug

guess she likes it!

happy birthday girl! happy brother, too! (he got to open all her gifts for her)

polka dot innards...

the cake, before destruction...

sweet birthday girl!

s's first birthday

i baked these cake pops into the batter of s's cake, so that it was polka dotted inside (when cut open)

pasitos pumpkin patch

pasitos visited a pumpkin patch on a cold, rainy, windy miserable day. we all survived.

this little cutie borrowed z's hat & kept me company on the train ride

z & classmates

freezing classmates, waiting for the barca (boat)

s's 1st birthday

cake decorating prep for s's ladybug cake


poor little s... no idea what she was upset about this time. cute, though!


fun with the kiddos

peter pan

we had some long sheets of paper in the house, so grandma traced z on one of them, and then he cut it out. grandma told him about peter pan...

kids are funny

the masked toddler

big brother hug
"yummy" corn

Sunday, November 25, 2012

z's 4th birthday

z with a mommy in glasses...

daddy & s

neighbor c & z

auntie m & uncle j

friend m & z

fun noodle thingies



on the field

friend p is getting her "baby" fix

the whole group!

time for cake?

blowing out candles

clearly, the cake was yummy

gift bags

blow outs/party horns/fizoos

s & abuelo

packin up the trunk

bringing the party home

timbers gear - yay!

still opening gifts

awesome picture from neighbor s

s & vinny

best toy ever!

new keyboard!

daddy, most likely playing fur elise