Thursday, June 21, 2012


z gets tubes in his ears tomorrow. he hasn't seemed worried or concerned about the procedure at all. i'm really interested to see if it makes any immediate difference in his hearing and speech.
he sounded a tiny bit croupy today, so i hope it doesn't develop into something big, with our trip to sunriver on saturday.
i've stopped nursing on the right side because it hurts too much, and the tissue needs time to heal. pumping takes SO much time! it's very inconvenient, but there is no other option.
we've noticed s seems to sleep much longer at night if she drinks formula at some point in the evening. makes me feel like a failure, like i'm not feeding her enough or something. on the other hand, as much as it's been enjoyable nursing her (aside from all the pain) when things have been going smoothly, it is a pleasant thought to imagine being free from the task.
i took the kids to fred meyer to stock up on z's underwear & some other things (including a toy for him for after his procedure tomorrow), and they both sat in one of the car carts. s looked so cute sitting next to her big brother, playing with the steering wheel just like z. when he started banging his feet against the back of the car, she started doing the same thing, too. so cute!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

eeek - teeth!

s's teeth are wreaking havoc on me. she officially broke the skin on my nipple tonight. it is SO painful. this isn't fair...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


s can wave goodbye now!!! and she has been saying ma ma ma ma all day today. so exciting!

z's behavior has been absolutely awful the past few days. he slapped me yesterday, almost hit a little girl at the grocery store (i managed to intervene at the last minute) for no reason, almost bit me this morning (completely out of the blue), and has been hitting vinny daily. awful. almost drives me to drink. he didn't used to behave this way. and getting him to do the simplest things often requires my yelling in his face - it sucks the years out of my life.
he was very well behaved at his dental appointment today. no cavities, either. i guess i'd rather have him acting out at home, instead of in public at important things like doctors' appointments. in a perfect world, though, he just wouldn't hit at all. i already had to deal with major biting for 4 months when he was younger. don't i deserve to skip at least one bad phase?

Monday, June 11, 2012

rain & camping

stuck in the tent...

smith rock '12

 here are some pictures from daddy & z's trip to smith rock on memorial day weekend.

 NO SHOES IN THE TENT!!! daddy made this very clear to z, because when we were at the childrens' museum in portland, there was a tent there, and z kept telling some poor little girl, "no shoes in the tent!"
 roasting marshmallows.
 z's cousins came to visit!
 hangin' out...
 sweet boys.
eating breaky.

mississippi hot dog

daddy's first attempt at mississippi hot dog twinkle. he looks great! the violin, however, needs some tuning...

happy birthday, daddy!

singing happy birthday to daddy...


a clip from a video of z & his classmates at the spring pasitos school performance

mother's day 2012

mother's day 2012..


z dancing with daddy...

no nap

z tried going without a nap this day... he was having so much fun playing outside with the neighbors. however, while we were fixing dinner, we looked over & saw this at 5:30pm... he didn't quite make it!

future occupation?

 our little bike messenger - he has the hair & everything!

neighbor k gave this bag to z - it matches his boots perfectly! it's his new library book bag.

lincoln city '12

 playing in the sand! mommy can never watch this... just can't bear the mess. this is always daddy's job to oversee.
 let's go fly a kite....
 s already likes flying kites.
yay! not the sunniest day, but we still had fun.
 when z was 7 months...

 when z was 2...

 now z is 3!
and s is 6 months...

lincoln city '12

fun in lincoln city. z was asking about eating more salt water taffy, and s kept falling over for fun.


z, speaking about lightning, which he learned about from his tracing book.


z had fun "reading" to s from his tracing book...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

lincoln city '12

 s & mommy.

 z sees something interesting. at the time of walking through the tunnels, there were two men in the water tanks who were cleaning the glass. it was most interesting to z, and he kept waving at them (and they waved back).

 s loves the aquarium!


that was fun!

lincoln city '12

we went to lincoln city at the beginning of may for three nights. we rented a house right on the beach, which worked well. s was mid-teething, however, and woke up frequently. aside from that, both kids did pretty well. the house had a hot tub outside, and z really enjoyed "swimming" in it! the weather was cold and rainy, but we still had a good visit.

urban farming

z has been really excited about planting things this spring. he got some seeds as part of kids' meals from burgerville, so we had to plant those. we also found random packets of seeds around the house (one was from j & m's wedding!), so i bought some more large planters so all seeds could be planted & nurtured with love. what have we planted? nasturtiums, tomato (cherry & sungold), carrots, sugar snap peas (doing very well!), and some other random flowers.
z often is reluctant to get outside & play after naps, because it takes him a long time to wake up. the plants are a good motivator for him. he'll say he doesn't want to go outside, but once he's there, he doesn't want to come in!

pizza night

empty bottles after friday pizza & movie night with the neighbors, way back in april.


this is grandma's idea of okay, but not mommy's. grandma had taken z & s to the park, but when it was time to leave, s started screaming because she was so hungry. grandma just left the bottle propped up with blankets while she drove home, and s fell asleep mid slurp. safety wise, this is a huge no no, but it worked.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

may/june update

i have lots of pictures & videos to post, but haven't had the time. i got as far as making a list of the pics to include, but that was awhile ago & who knows where the list is now. sloane has been waking up every 2-3 hours since we got back from minneapolis. she got another tooth on may 27th while we were away, bringing the total up to 5 now, but she appears to be working on more. i'm so exhausted. i was losing my mind, so my mom took the kids yesterday so that i could sleep as long as possible in the morning. s actually slept from 7:30-3:45am two nights ago, but of course i didn't sleep because i was expecting her to wake up. j had to get up at 3:30 that night to fly to arizona for the day (to catch a 5:30am flight), and i didn't want to wake him up by getting in & out of bed repeatedly, so i tried just sleeping in her room - assuming she'd wake up any minute- but of course she didn't. night of bad sleep, and a plugged milk duct which is still killing me today. since j was gone last night until returning after his 11pm flight, i had a friend & her two kids over for dinner. it was fun to catch up, but tiring. this morning s started pooping & i was too tired to hold her up while she finished pooping, so i just changed her. serves me right for not making the effort. this happened 3 times until she was finally finished. a 3 diaper poop. it wasn't a lot of poop... she just had it coming & coming. i am so tired, and there is no end in sight. j has had a much heavier work load, working later hours, traveling more, and it's difficult.
time for soccer. s is still napping (of course she naps a long time when we have to get someplace), and we're already running late. ugh.