Sunday, January 29, 2006

new beginning

ok. decided to finally try this blogging thing, now that more & more of my friends have their own. not that i'll actually broadcast this site... guess it'd be nice to have a log of my life. today was great. spent the morning learning shostakovich #1, and worrying that jeff was getting killed by avalanches as he backcountry hiked & skiied. thankfully he returned in one piece. had an afternoon pops concert, and actually had a SUNDAY NIGHT FREE! YAYYYYY!!! what a novel idea - having a weekend night FREE. great pleasure. had dinner out with jeff & friends whom we recently found out are pregnant. 24 weeks pregnant, actually. we're very happy for them, while being nowhere ready to have our own. got in my "arms" routine before bed. recently had an individual session with one of jeff's climbing friends who is a personal trainer. he created my own strengthening program which i can do at home. it involves arms 3 times a week, core training once a week (although i usually do abs after i run), and i'm supposed to run 3-4 times a week. running is a lot easier here in the land of rain now that we have a treadmill in our basement, thanks to jeff's parents. hopefully the strengthening will help with my playing pain. i'm keeping track of everything with stars on a calendar. amazing how motivating little shiny happy stars can be! :)