Thursday, September 30, 2010

spider smack down

z loves spiders. he makes the sign for spiders whenever he sees them, as he can't say the word yet (although he can say apple, which is fun... we're making progress, albeit little by little). it's hard to see in this picture, but there are 2 spiders, one bigger than the other, that were actually FIGHTING. i thought it was really neat, so i had z watch while he ate his yogurt one morning. i've never seen spiders attack each other.


who would've guessed? z loves edamame!

1st movie

we are finally letting z watch tv & videos, since he's almost 2. here he is watching monsters inc with daddy. he wasn't interested for very long... he really is only interested in things with elmo. sesame street is only on from 7-8am, and sometimes (like today) he sleeps later than that, so at eating times i'll sometimes play videos for him that are online at the sesame street website.

all wet

z loves playing with water & tries to drink water with straws & like grownups, but he doesn't always like the results. cute.

first day of school

z had his first day of school 2 fridays ago. he wasn't able to walk, so i had to carry him everywhere. it's one day a week, from 9-11, and a parent has to stay there the whole time. there are lots of different stations with things to do - playing with puzzles, playing with water toys, a sand table, a cutting/pasting table, etc. he missed it last week due to the croupy cold.


three thursdays ago, z was sitting on our three steps, and somehow got up the wrong way & so he fell & hurt his leg. i wasn't there at the time, but i came home as fast as possible. i took him to see his pediatrician, who sent us for x-rays to the orthopedic clinic right next door. they didn't have any pediatric specialists there. the office was really busy. z had fun tearing up the paper covering on the examination table. they gave him a little toy duck to play with, and he's feeding it his granola bar in the picture.

he still wasn't walking on the leg by tuesday, so my friend j got us in to see an orthopedist specializing in pediatrics. very nice of her! so here we are, in the waiting room. the doctor said he had no idea what was injured, but that it could take 2-3 weeks for him to start walking on it again. the very next day, z woke up with croup, so back to the pediatrician we went. way too much time in doctors' offices!


z is quite the fixer. he loves "fixing" stuff. screwdrivers are one of his favorite toys. just makes me a little nervous when he gets near outlets...


yet another walk up to the blackberries...


the first night in sunriver, we celebrated both dads' birthdays.

here is z, all dressed up for dinner, with glow sticks in his shoes. he had a lot of fun with those.


someone was NOT happy during our drive to sunriver for labor day weekend. he only slept about 45 min, and then was fussy the rest of the way there.
the drive back was much nicer. he didn't nap at all, yet he wasn't overly fussy, so j & i had a whole nap time in which to be productive when we got home.


fun at a park in august...

mess for mommy

mommy was busy getting some work done nearby, while z played in the spice drawer. mommy was NOT happy! she had to take everything out of the drawer and vacuum it all up. took a long time.

birthday parties

we had several birthday parties to attend this summer...

z and the birthday girl

z kisses birthday girl...

z at a different birthday party, wearing the birthday boy's hat.


z's violin... until he grows a little taller.
the view from mommy's hotel downtown.

meanwhile, z and daddy have fun with bubbles... and z got a hair cut from daddy!

abuelo/a visits.

these are some pics from visits with abuelo/a. zane isn't sure where the e should go quite yet.

z with his ranger hat from yellowstone, from abuelo/a.

picking blackberries with abuelo.

this kid loves berries! he learned quickly which ones to NOT pick.


the two cousins were picking blackberries near our house, and someone asked them to stick their tongues out... so cute!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


mommy had one weekend away, and so daddy & z spent time with abuela, abuelo, & cousin j. here are some pictures from their outing to the zoo.

it's always impossible dragging z away from this fountain.

z in the log slide.

siblings & cousins.

the happy couple, practicing parenthood.

z pets a goat.

childrens' museum

mommy & z spent a lot of time at the childrens' museum this summer. bob the builder!

fun in the water room.

i love this installation. i want one for home. it's soothing, in a way.


the raccoons have been coming back. grr! this was from back in august.

f's first birthday

one weekend long ago, we gathered at cathedral park on a sweltering hot afternoon to celebrate friend f's very first birthday. f is the one in the light green bathing bottoms, while z is front & center. lots of babies!


mommy & daddy decided to go out to eat at the thai restaurant typhoon at the beaverton round mid august. afterwards, z played out back in the fountains and practiced his climbing skills. it's a great place for kids!