Friday, March 25, 2011

big boy bed

here's a picture of the finished product. z slept just fine last night in the new bed. we'll see how the afternoon nap goes.

we forgot to say yesterday - HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY COUSIN J!!! sorry we won't be at the big party tomorrow - hope you have lots of fun.

big boy bed

helping daddy


top bunk almost finished... can't wait to try it out!

big boy bed

z is growing up. we got him a bunk bed from dania on sunday after church (he did well in the nursery!), and it was finally delivered yesterday. putting it together was the big project of the day.
this has been a busy spring break week. i had a few students on monday & tuesday. tuesday we had the air ducts cleaned. wednesday we had the carpets cleaned. z said his first swear word on wednesday. we received a call from the carpet guy saying he would be here soon, except 20 min earlier than he was supposed to get here. we hadn't finished getting the house ready, so we had to scramble. z chose that time to draw on the walls with a dry erase marker, and j said "goddammit" under his breath, but clearly audible to z. z repeated the word several times. fortunately we haven't heard it again since, and the marker came off easily with a mr. clean magic eraser. it's nice to have a clean house.


we're a 1 microwave house now. j took the built in one out, and replaced it with our stainless steel microwave. now we have more room on the counter.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


my son evidently likes cheese on his cookies. he didn't get that from me!


my lunch experience today with z. mommy was NOT happy. he was doing a great job of feeding himself right up until this happened.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so we went back to the doctor's office yesterday, and z got a shot of epinephrine, a nebulizer treatment of epinephrine, and a prescription for prednisone, which we'll start today. not looking forward to the steroid rages today. and i have a bad sore throat. life just never lets up.
but at least i'm not in japan.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


last night was awful. up at 3:00, couldn't sleep afterwards, up at 6:30. i'm so tired. i can't take this croup much longer. i don't understand why he keeps getting it. i'm exhausted.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


after a scary night, morning, and afternoon, i decided to take z in to the doctor's office. j came too, which makes it easier. they said it was a good idea we came in. he had TWO treatments of epinephrine (with a nebulizer) and an oral dose of dexa-something, a steroid which is supposed to last for 48-60 hours. we were there for a looong time. z was crying hysterically when we got there because he was scared of a shot, but finally calmed down, and was even smiling after the second treatment. his ears looked great, everything else was fine. we're to continue the shower & humidifier treatments. the doctor said that due to his past history, z may be one of the rare patients that could benefit from having prednisone at home ready to use the next time he gets this, since it happens so frequently and so severely. our poor pumpkin!

croup again.

this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, but last night wasn't. z has croup, AGAIN, and was coughing all night. i moved into the other bedroom to sleep to be closer to z, and so the monitor wouldn't keep j up. i don't think either one of us got much sleep. z took an early nap late this morning after watching two movies with j in his bedroom. we have two humidifiers going in there because they're both weak.
i hate croup! it's so scary and sounds awful. it's so draining as a parent.

poor thing. we're watching a bob the builder movie. i'm so tired, but i can't sleep. it's just that hungover feeling from staying up all night.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


this boy is serious about his oatmeal! it was his second bowl of the day (although not all at the same time).

ha! did it all by myself!

such a big boy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

thumbs up

this is for you, paul perrault!
when are you & n coming to visit again?

friday night

some painting fun.
the intercom system is working right now, so z & i were having fun rocking out.

friday night

z found some other creative places to put the paint.

friday night

z & mommy do joan jett... and avoid a painting mishap.

friday night

happy painter.

friday nights

a little painting, a little play dough, and a friday night simply isn't complete without a little violin practice. it's pretty cute how he is bowing with the wrong hand, and wanted to get his feet right before taking a bow. awesome background music, too.

friday night

yay! salad rolls from beau thai. i've been thinking about these all week, and so j picked up some take out thai food after i finished teaching tonight.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

big boy.

z pooped on the potty today!!!! yay! i came up from teaching this evening, and heard j reading to z in the bathroom (which can mean one of two things). i found z sitting on the potty. usually he'll just sit there & nothing will happen, but this time, something did!

happy mardi gras!

when z & i came up in the morning, we saw these things on the dining room table. j had won them at a rock climbing joust last night (and came home after mommy was asleep). what a surprise! of course i had to take a picture of z wearing the decorations!

every mardi gras we get doughnuts. it's one of the few times a year we eat them. z liked the powdered sugar doughnut holes the best. he actually picked his own doughnut out this year.

sit up

tickle sit ups...

z's photos

z played with the camera while daddy cleaned up after the hair cut.

interesting he caught this angle.

favorite object

daddy's feet. he probably sees these often.

love the angle.

definitely z's perspective.

my favorite.

hair cut

z needed a hair cut, and daddy finally had time. here he is pre-cut.

mid cut...

post hair cut! he wasn't too patient, so the cut wasn't as thorough as planned. still looks better than no hair cut.


from the visit this weekend. great to see everyone!


z is trying to look through the cookie. not sure he was truly successful.

(daddy made the cookies, by the way.)

Saturday, March 05, 2011


zane got promoted to the 2-3 year old gymnastics class last saturday! hurray!!! he's making big progress! the only problem is that in order to stay with the same teacher, whom we like very much, we have to have class on wednesday at 9:30. he usually has a music together class at 10:15 on wednesday, so we'll have to move to a different teacher & day for the next term.
we just had a speech evaluation done today for z, and have the remaining evaluation done on monday. the provider seems very nice, and said it is appropriate that we're bringing him in for therapy. z's cousins are coming today - he's very excited to see them!

a visitor!

last weekend, we had a visitor! d, my teacher for my last two years of high school & 4 years in college, came to portland to give a master class. on saturday morning, before z's gymnastics class, and before the master class, we took d out to see multnomah falls. there was ice everywhere, and it was 24 outside & blustery!

d.r. & z in front of multnomah falls.

we didn't venture up to the bridge this time.

z is wearing daddy's gloves.

a little movie.

snow day

last last thursday, it snowed, and all the schools were closed. j worked from home, and played outside in the early morning with me and z.
z hugs a snowman we made.

z & i took a long walk up to the secret passage way, where he found this worm. he carried it all the way back & showed daddy, and daddy was impressed, but insisted that he set it free on the deck. bye bye worm! have a good life!

a movie of j & z sledding.

oregon coast

last picture from the oregon aquarium

z took this picture of his daddy!

Friday, March 04, 2011

oregon aquarium

crawling through a tunnel

sculpture made from trash found in the ocean

self explanatory.

from june 2009

feb 2011!

oregon aquarium

pics from the aquarium

outside the museum

tidal pool

indoor touch area

this is fun!