Sunday, August 24, 2014


z's lastest interpretations:
"canyonball" instead of cannonball
"incept" instead of except
"puts n boots" instead of puss n boots

Thursday, August 14, 2014

welcome wagon

s pulls the neighborhood...

camping at stub stewart

my little beauties

daddy, getting ready for a bike ride. 
we all tried biking, which didn't work very well. i ended up just walking my bike, and then carrying both s AND her bike. not very fun.

s played soccer.
 a little clip of s's soccer skills with daddy.

action shot (or just bad photography)
 there was a pickup game of soccer at the campground by the fire pit.
s wore daddy's hat.

z in action.

we had nothing in the fridge for dinner when we returned from camping, so we went out for dinner.


here's a pic after swimming. z made his own fauxhawk. he was really proud of himself.

the kids are waiting in a big chair in starbucks for a free sandwich (i had a reward which was expiring). they needed something to tide them over while i ran more errands with them in tow.

new baby!

fresh baby
the sunday after abuelo's birthday dinner, i made lasagna, and we visited our friends who just had a baby. i think he was 8 days old in this picture....


at the playground in canby.

abuelo birthday dinner

z is holding my purse as we drive to canby. 

the lovely ladies. 

silly siblings.

the cousins.

the cousins.


this was j's dinner one night - a cheeseburger, with lots of cheese on top, with salami, with ketchup. amazing.

grammy visit 2014

grammy, abuelo, abuela, and aunt m came over to our house (after z's swimming lesson) one morning and listened patiently to z playing every single song he knows (twinkles-may song). he played every twinkle variation. they were good sports about it. z & i made strawberry muffins in the morning before leaving for the swimming lesson. i'm amazed we were able to accomplish that AND have z play through all the pieces before leaving for the conestoga pool. 
slightly serious picture 
silly picture

last night i made tempura for the first time, at least in a long time. z thought it smelled like fish (the oil heating up), and insisted on pulling all the tempura batter off the food. sigh. so much for my huge effort! i cooked some shrimp, mostly a huge zucchini, one red bell pepper, some carrots, and for fun, some left over hamburgers. the house still smells like hot oil - not the best smell. i'm hoping it will dissipate soon. j is in phoenix for the day. he left really early, so i couldn't go running. 
we went to canby to visit with grammy.
z had fun taking pictures of aunt m, abuela, and grammy.

s loves swinging!

camping at gales creek

we went camping at gales creek in the middle of july. friends met us for the second night, but we were on our own for the first night. unfortunately we left chicken salad at home, which was supposed to be our dinner the first night, so we had to improvise.

i enjoyed this can o' bubbly. it came with a straw and everything. a mommy juice box.

mommy relaxed for once.

the kids are excited about s'mores and camping. first trip of the season.

s enjoys her quesadilla.

z is appropriately dressed, so we don't forget anything.


yay! camping! 

our tents barely fit onto the camp site. it was a tent only one.

daddy prepares to chop wood.

a little wood chopping, a little dancing...

our dinner the first night

fun in gales creek

roasting marshmallows

the next day, we changed campsites, and our friends joined us. some of daddy's friends joined us in the afternoon for a mountain bike ride.
this was taken before the ride.
 daddy was the last one back from the bike ride. his bike broke, and he had to walk a mile with it broken. 

this is bentley

he's quite the model.


mr. h.

miss s.

j & me

soccer at gales creek

fun with glow sticks 

more fun with glow sticks

s with the kids

me and the kids
we had a fun time camping at gales creek this year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

baby shower

i wasn't supposed to be hosting a baby shower, only supplying the location for it, but somehow it turned into my hosting it. this was the week that j was gone on his climbing trip. it was a TON of work. i used china & silver. a TON of work.

finished diaper trike & favors.

s & someone else's son.

food & guests.

food and guests.

diaper trike in the making.

guest of honor & her (step)kids. 

another picture of the trike in the making.