Thursday, August 14, 2014

camping at gales creek

we went camping at gales creek in the middle of july. friends met us for the second night, but we were on our own for the first night. unfortunately we left chicken salad at home, which was supposed to be our dinner the first night, so we had to improvise.

i enjoyed this can o' bubbly. it came with a straw and everything. a mommy juice box.

mommy relaxed for once.

the kids are excited about s'mores and camping. first trip of the season.

s enjoys her quesadilla.

z is appropriately dressed, so we don't forget anything.


yay! camping! 

our tents barely fit onto the camp site. it was a tent only one.

daddy prepares to chop wood.

a little wood chopping, a little dancing...

our dinner the first night

fun in gales creek

roasting marshmallows

the next day, we changed campsites, and our friends joined us. some of daddy's friends joined us in the afternoon for a mountain bike ride.
this was taken before the ride.
 daddy was the last one back from the bike ride. his bike broke, and he had to walk a mile with it broken. 

this is bentley

he's quite the model.


mr. h.

miss s.

j & me

soccer at gales creek

fun with glow sticks 

more fun with glow sticks

s with the kids

me and the kids
we had a fun time camping at gales creek this year!

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