Tuesday, August 12, 2014

work dinner

today was a busy day. z did one workbook page and did some practicing (he started perpetual motion today!), all before we went to camp. that was even after waking up late! 
the kids went to camp, and i had one lesson to teach, after doing some grocery shopping. i created a book of all the artwork created by my students and their siblings which was taped to the walls of my studio over the past year. it will be a hardcover 11"x 8.5" book. it took awhile to create! i think there are 62 pages. not cheap! i had time left over to get some more blogging done, so i'm almost all caught up. the kids had fun at school (one mom said on the way out that s is famous in their car rides home, discussing the day!), and s didn't have an accident today (she had one yesterday). after lunch and napping, the kids played outside for awhile, while i did more blogging, and then we went to burgerville for dinner. z said he thought he could eat TWO cheeseburgers for dinner, but he barely managed one cheeseburger, along with fries and a hot fudge sundae. the burgerville we went to had just been basically hit by lightning. the lightning hit the ground right next to the restaurant, and so their power went off for awhile, and there was no wi-fi, and the computer systems managing credit cards were all messed up. j has a work dinner. i have no idea where he went.

we went to the library after dinner. i had forgotten to bring the kids' library reading program sheets, so we had to stop at home first. the kids turned in their sheets, and got to pick out a book to keep, along with a few to borrow. i also had a book on hold to pick up. 
one funny little tidbit - z calls washcloths "washcloshs." very cute.

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