Sunday, November 23, 2014

ft stevens 2014

it was a little weird driving to the coast at night. i wasn't used to being up that late, normally going to bed between 9:30-10. the kids slept a good bit of the drive, and so j & i listened to podcasts through my phone. we managed to get to the park before they closed up, and picked up the key to our cabin. it was really nice, with a shower/toilet/refrigerator/microwave/lots of hot water/lots of heaters. It even had a tv and dvd player (and luckily we came prepared!). Deluxe indeed! We rolled out of bed, ate breakfast, and got exploring, albeit a bit leisurely. 

no idea what this was, but some part of ft. stevens.

part of ft stevens.

z & s & a cannon. s kept showing off her jumping skills.

j and a cannon

my family, minus me

z, wishing he could use the viewfinder

we walked all around there

s getting a boost

flying a kite with daddy

the remains of a shipwreck

z didn't really want to leave...
after playing in the sand (and reading magazines), we went back to the cabin to eat lunch and so s could take a nap. beer drinking may have taken place.

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