Monday, July 06, 2015


Today was hot again. I tried going running, but only lasted one time down and up the driveway. It was just too warm and humid. J drove to Alba to mail two cases of wine home, and I stayed home with the kids. 
They watched some tv until it was time to eat breakfast, and then they did a good job entertaining themselves. We spend the most time in the basement because it is the coolest part of the house. It is so cool that water has been pooling on the stone floor because of the warmth of the air compared to the stone. Glad I don't live here long term, because that has to create serious mold issues. 

Z did S's hair and vice versa. 

Z kept looking at himself in the mirror (the oven) saying, "now I look strikingly handsome," which is what one of his t-shirts says. It was very cute, and yes, he was strikingly handsome. 

The kids were also playing "train." S was walking on her tracks- the chairs. 

Two kids = one train. 


S at the pool. 

We had a little visitor tonight. She couldn't sleep, with the teenagers partying outside her window. She claimed to be scared of her curtains, which were blowing in the wind. Her room is much breezier than ours. I stayed with her for a bit and then left, but she came back in our room, so she watched some of the sunset, and she is looking at pictures with j right now. We found out tonight at dinner that z has been scared to sleep in his room. I was so sad that I didn't know that! We left a phone in his room with a night light app, so I'm hoping that does the trick. Poor guy. He didn't want to tell us he was scared, because he wanted to be tough. 😢
A few nights ago, I totally got eaten up by bugs, and it is too hot to sleep with the window/doors shut, so we have been trying to spray 2 different kinds of bug spray around the doors and on top of our top sheet. Lovely to breathe in. Only works a little bit. The bites are so ugly. I'm trying my best not to scratch them, but it is hard to tell the difference between a bug crawling on my skin and an itchy bug bite. I am really looking forward to going home, back to air conditioning, screens in windows, dryers, washers that actually wash the clothes,  Netflix, English, my bed and pillow, a microwave, my sink, my ant free house, wide car lanes, food besides pasta and other carbs. 

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