Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday afternoon.

After nap time, we took the tram to a playground we had seen from the canal tour. It was located right near the Heineken factory. I'm still not sure if it was open to the public, but nobody questioned our presence, so the kids played away.

Cool play structure! 
There were several areas to the playground - a few sand pits, this huge climbing structure, some seesaws, a traffic light, and many other fun things.
Can you spot SpiderZ?

There was a trampoline!!!

S played in a sand pit, while Z was on the swings with J.
 After the kids were done playing, we ate dinner right around the corner from the park, at a pancake house. 

Banged up nose.
S took a tumble on our way up to the apartment before nap time. She tripped in a doorway on a raised door frame and something hit her lip and gums, because both had cuts on them. Poor S! You can see in the background there is a carousel in the middle of the restaurant. 
My dinner - chicken schnitzel, although I split the chicken with everybody so they had a little protein with dinner. The pea veggie mixture was awful.

S's dinner - strawberries and whipped cream.

Z opted for mixed fruit and whipped cream on his pancake.

J got bacon, cheese and mushrooms on his.

 We all split these. They were yummy and very very bad for us. I will enjoy getting back to a normal diet once we are home. I'm really looking forward to seeing my kitchen again, and to having my normal coffee drinks. The Starbucks drinks in Amsterdam are not the same as in the U.S.

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